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I vant to suck its juice!

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Even though Pinkie Pie says it, Flutterbat should have said it!
I joined Deviant Art just so I could comment on this picture.  This is perfection - the best Flutterbat picture I have ever seen.  Period.  
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Thank you very much for the compliment :meow:
trop trop trop mignoooon !!!
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She's still a bat pony ya know! =o
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And want to suck some nice orange :D (Big Grin) 

or a malon.
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best rendition of Flutterbat I have seen
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only you can make fullterbat even more adoribal 
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Mich, wenn ich sehe einen hamburge lol
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so cute!!:3
im making a flutterbat model for somebody

and...dont kill me i want 10 apples please!mmmm
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Fluttershy looks sooooo cute like that :D well i mean flutter bat..:3
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That apple looks so freaking juicy...

Love the color work!
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Sorry because my brain is a bit polluted, and that title didn't helped.
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Man that apple looks juicy, it kinda steals the show. =P
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Flutterbat is one of the only reasons I'm able to wear a Fluttershy shirt, yet still feel fairly manly. Once another amazing Flutterbat pic for my collection, thank you.
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I'm happy that you like it :D
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Sorry ***Once AGAIN, another****
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Cutest nom ever.
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Vampirism has never been so nutritious, or adorable :]
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