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I'm always angry!

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A bug means more than her friends.  Lol jk, perhaps its cuz the bug's more innocent XP  
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I'm always angry too...
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I like, when Fluttershy is angry! =D
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Loved this part haha ! you captured her anger well! 
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When I saw this episode, I thought it was the funniest and scariest thing yet. 
Something tells me that I'm going to be so very wrong
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She's most definitely angry. ;)
I love it! Is it weird that I prefer her angry rather than shy?
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Don't make her angry...
You won't like her when she's angry...
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You should enter this in WeLoveFine's current design contest. I'll totally vote for it!! ^__^ And buy it!!
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I'll think about it - Thank you :3
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Im not a brony, but this one is so amazing!!!!!!!!  Gift: Pink Flame clapping icon 
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REALLY! great picture! i dont see much in the way of pre bulk fluttershy!
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I love that face! So cute. ^w^
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Flutershy: thats my secret captain,  im always angry.…
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:iconchesterabumplz: <( HEEEYYY, that makes no sense. If he's always angry, wouldn't he always be the Hulk? It's confusing enough he doesn't look like the guy from Fight Club anymore...
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I think the implication in that line was that Bruce Banner has an undercurrent of anger in him, which he can activate when he needs to be the Hulk. I'd imagine it as him going to his anti-Happy Place.
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Oh, I already knew the meaning of the line when I first heard it, my friend. X3 I was just quoting Chester A. Bum, host of Doug Walker's video series, Bum Reviews...
4ScarfAce4's avatar
Ah. That would explain it.
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