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I'll Wear This Mustache

"Can somepony point me to the nearest train tracks please? I've got some important tying up to do."

Now available on shirts at [link]
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What kind of perverse plans are thinking?
Train tracks, now all we need is a Damsel in Distress, Fluttershy, a brave hero, Rainbow Dash, and some old timey piano music.
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Pinkie Pie: Twilight I did not call you pinkie but now the mustache. And this really nice drawing ^^
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Welcome!!! :3
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*left eye twitching* lose the stache!!!!
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Dude, I just totally bought this shirt on WeLoveFine!  Didn't know it was one of yours :3
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Yay :D

I'm happy that you like it that much - thank you :3
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See, this is exactly why I go through old Drawfriends I missed. Today's will be #1067, and I found this gem in #672. In this spirit, happy belated birthday. At least I'm only a little more than a month later, rather than a little over a year.
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I just had this thought of Pinkie Pie as The Joker...

Batman would have no hope.

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I plan on getting this shirt at some point :-D
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does anyone began to remember Veigar here?
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mwahaha and evil Pinkie, very classically evil too! Very nice!
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Omg...:XD: just absolute love :heart:
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