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I Didn't Start The Fire...

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Reminds me of another song^^

The things we lost in a fire fire fiiiiiiiiire... by Bastille!:D (Big Grin) 
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Whoa, what's with all the song references lately? New inspiration?
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Happy happy pony! I love you, Lyra!
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I didn't start the flame war.
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Dance, Lyra dance!
Jump,  Lyra jump!
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It's always been burnin'
Since the world's been turnin'
(We didn't start the fi-yah)
We didn't light it
But we tried to fight it
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Pff~ definitely love that title. Would be funny to have the people who did anthropology do a version of that song for Lyra. 
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Not sure about the title...

Any-who, the lighting effects are brilliant, she glows with radiance and glamour. Her pose is fabulous and expresses her joy magnificently in the moment. The wavy hair looks beautiful and healthy and the colours work well together. 

Looking great, will be waiting for more. 

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I'm happy that you like it - Thank you :D
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very cute pose :3
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Nice! It's good to get a look at Lyra not being human obsessed in fanart for once. Oh, and the suspense to see the final speed paint is killing me, by the way.:fear: revamp 
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Always nice to see a happy Lyra.
Good work.

Darth Cygnus
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You´re welcome.
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Burn! Filly! Burn!
( References: Burn! Baby! Burn! )

Can't wait to see the last one :D
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*hides the matches* ... wasn't me o.o
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but its always burning since the worlds been turning.
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♫ We didn't start the ponies ♪ They've been Hasbro's babies ever since the eighties ♫
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I would love to hear a pony parody of that song, referencing major figures and occurrences in the fandom's history.  I think it could be amazing if done well. ^^
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Oh, good fit.
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