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Mother and daughter

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I will start out with how much I love this. You did a great job capturing the scene and making it in just the right atmosphere. Your style is simple yet beautiful. I love how you did scootaloo's hair. The way that the top part has fallen and the part on her neck is starting to obey gravity is brilliant and it gives vets it that wet look. I also love haw you did the shading in rainbow dash's hair the colors blend in really nice. The only thing I don't love is the background. If I were you, I would put more detail in it. This part of the episode is so touching. Over all I would give you a 4 1/2 or a 5.

-Leo is the coolest, Calypso399
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Thank you very much for your critique :)
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Your welcome! 😊
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Scootadash best sisters! Saw the episode in 2013, heard a song 2014, and finally made an animation in late 2016.…
Btw, love this recreation of that hug. Scootaloo still soaked is a nice touch. :)
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Rainbow's got a little buddy
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Awwwww! Too cute!
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... This is so... Dang... Cute... Undertale - Full of Angry Chara Screams 
This is so Awesome! This episode was Great, because Scootaloo and Princess Luna. I was so happy when the Princess of the Night made an appearance. Seriously though "Sleepless in Ponyville" is one of my favorite third season episodes of My little Pony. But this... Oh how I do love anything that is heartwarming and those two pegasi... LOVE it.
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Aw... I'm loving this! Love the way you made Scoot wet!
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so sweet, well done
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I remember when this episode aired. The Hub used to show new episodes in the morning, and then later again at near midnight. I missed the morning showing, so I stayed up to watch it at around midnight. Everyone in my house had gone to sleep, so I didn't turn any lights on and the only thing to light the living room was the T.V.. I love this episode so much, and it was at this scene where they hug that I legitimately let out a "d'aaawwwww" for the first time from watching MLP (I was relatively new to it).

Many heartwarming memories, this picture brings.
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I loved that episode! Awesome job.
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Adorable! Adorable!!
I love it!
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They're very cute!!! :aww:
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