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Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year

Thank you all very much for the Birthday wishes! :meow:

Here are Luna and Tibbles to wish you a Happy New Year!
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So super cute!
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My own Luna for Christmas....Yes Please!
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Now ain't that a little cutie :D
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That's really Good!!!
Rainbow3838838's avatar
Er.. did this person ask for permission?…
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Someone made a base off of this and didn't credit you:…
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Thank you for the info :)
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You're welcome :)
O_o..... ahm in trouble, ain't it?...
*looks up*
(',O_o,').... what are the odds ah can make it to da window in time?....
'slim to none and Slim left town'
and I quote!
8(.... Thought so....
*braces for impact*
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I love their cheerful expressions and the color in this!
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Tibbles!  Somebody does actually acknowledge the comics.
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LUNA! Yay. Cuddles
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Dawww, I love the addition of Tibbles! Heart 
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Luna looks so adorable, in this picture! I love it! >w< :heart:
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How didn't I find this before?
I thought I'm done fangasming over you, but seems you have been awesome all along.
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