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Full Stop.

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This is an awesome action picture! I love the tension as Scootaloo pulls back and the way the dirt tears up behind her as she brakes. The colors are delightful too!  :heart::heart::heart:
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Thank you - I'm happy that you like it :)
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You are most welcome!  :meow:
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Make it stop !! 8D whatev great pic of scoot <3
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wow that's epic your amazing at art
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I think her hair should be blowing in the opposite direction. Oh well. I do like the way her scooter is grinding into the dirt. I can almost feel the friction.
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That's my little sis
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dynamic action! Love it.
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"Where's Granny Smith? She was supposed to be walking past for this stunt ..."
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speed brakes up, reverser unlocked, autobrake maximum power :D
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"Whoa, scooter, whoa! Aw c'mon, whoa! WHEN I SAY WHOA, I MEAN WHOA!"
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Reverse thrust full!
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I saw this on tumblr!!!
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Scootaloo is best CMC! And she looks awesome here. Well done!
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She must have gone fast.
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