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Fleur at the beach

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She could need some tan.
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Love that character!
She's such a beautiful "flower" indeed ^.^
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Can I share it with my friends China XD.It is so beautiful

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 pendrakeon, true datBrohoof 
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Fleur just look like a Alicorn. O_O
pendrakeon's avatar
She is. At least to Gameloft, she is.
MissZirka's avatar
Actually, I didn't know she was a Alicorn, but now I know. :3
pendrakeon's avatar
Eh, she's canonically a unicorn, it's just an error in the Gameloft game.
MissZirka's avatar
Aaaaah, I didn't know that! Thanks! :D
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Fancy Pants' Marefriend (?)
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sorry but when was she ever in the show?
KP-ShadowSquirrel's avatar
She is in "Sweet and Elite"
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oh never seen that one! i always see it recorded in my box and delete it because it think ive seen it.
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Fleur so beatiful
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Has anyone noticed she looks a lot like Celestia?
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That explains why she was mooning over Fancy-Pants when we first see her in the show. But then, you have to wonder where she's hiding her wings...
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she's so beautiful
Chips13's avatar
I think she's Fancypants's daughter. Hahahaha
Nafsi-Sookie's avatar
She may be beautiful and all, but still. Fancy Pants should get with Rarity already!
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Rarity: *sigh* Just look at her... She is gorgeous and she is probaly Fancy Pants's wife...
Fluttershy: Uh... I feel a bit of jealousy from you Rarity...
Rarity: Really? Oh! You are right.
Fluttershy: You know very well that you are the most fabulous pony in Ponyville... You don't have to envy her for that...
Rarity: Who said I was jealous of her beauty?

She is beautiful. Wonderful work.
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