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:icondashielolwutplz: Gilda, I...
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Diego-Spike's avatar
looks like shes being reprogramated
Face like: "What's this."..
She was maded from glass?

Seen this face on my cat. XD
statoose's avatar
The shine makes her look like she's made of glass. Neat!
Kyoshyu's avatar
Very pretty (despite some excessive glow. Although that gives it a style of its own.)
hollow-whispers's avatar
looks like someone went along and sprayed some varnish on her. X3
DewYunomi's avatar
She looks quite... freaked out, and/or mesmerized...! Oh, RD, what have you said now. :lol:
RaidenGekkou's avatar
There isn't enough awesome Gilda fanart like this. Hope to see more.
NNyyeeeaahhh.... ._. All of these awesome pieces over the last three days! KP, you're giving me art envy. Which is hard to do. I wanna draw my griffon and some other things, but I'm not goooood. @_@
Donpedro1337's avatar
dat specular lighting
Wirlog's avatar
She has a face like: "WTF is that"
DemonPanther's avatar
O_O "Uuuuuuuuuuuh... I need to think about this..."
Kyoshyu's avatar
It really does look like she's thinking that.
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KP-ShadowSquirrel's avatar
At least she had an exiting afternoon :D
BurnTheFleet55's avatar
How can you be so amazing ALL the time?!
Ethaes's avatar
Can always use more Gilda art. :)
thps48's avatar
River-Birch's avatar
She does look a bit too shiny...
But cute nevertheless.
dbluebird89d's avatar
you're good..... :D too good XD
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