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Não entendo por que fazer tanta foto de personagem feminina até mesmo do discórdia quando mlp já tem mais de 50% dos personagens como garotas, essa imagem ficou bonita mas uma versão furry do discórdia masculino teria sido melhor
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Somehow, I still hear John de Lancie's voice coming from it...
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That certainly would be chaotic.  ^_^
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Such a cutie!! <3 <3 The details on her are just incredible!! the hoof, claw, eyes <3 <3   and the background is too awesome, really fits the chaos spectre of Eris.  Beauty art!! :D
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Wow Now that's a Discorde of a different view! Awesome and great work.
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Discord has a lovely female counterpart, yowza!
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Saw your art on EQD! Now WATCHING!
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Amazing Love 

By the way, female form of Discord is also call Eris
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Such chaotic beauty! X3
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I love this so much! Do you mind if I make a clay sculpture based on this drawing?
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I'm happy that you like it - thank you :3

Yes, you may do that :)
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I finished the sculpture, it only took three and a half years!

KP-ShadowSquirrel's Discordia
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That's so lovely ^^

I loove iiit, your style is great for furry characters, they're all so huggable
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Thank you :D

I'm happy that you like them :3
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Eris the goddess of chaos 
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Awww, she's cute.

Why couldn't Discord look a little more like this.  He'd be so much more adorable.
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