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Come out, come out wherever you are

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it reminds me of a song Ever Dream,"come out come out wherever you are"is a piece of lyric in this song
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Er... apples don't move, Shy.
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i can see her singing let it go ovo
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All hail the Queen of the bats!  Cheerleader  :cheer:  Emoticon - Cheers 
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O-O So epic my eyes are stuck in woah mode...
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Flutterbat is becoming pretty popular in the art world.
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I'm a creature of the night.
You can't run and you can't fight.
As you cower there in fright...
I'll drink apple juice; that's right!

I feast with fangs pearly white.
Once I'm done, I will take flight...
With these wings of batly might.
I'm a creature of the night!
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Did anyone else read this like how moleastia from friendship is witchcraft sang it? XD
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We need someone to make this into a song.
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That does sounds like green lantern's oath.
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I had to look it up, because I wasn't familiar... but wow, the "-ight" rhyming is indeed reminiscent of that oath.
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What's that from? A song? Or you make it up on the spot?
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Made up on the spot due to inspiration.  Any resemblance in rhythm or lyric to real or fictional poems, songs, or rap numbers is entirely coincidental.
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I think it was friendship is witchcraft or smthing like that :3
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