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this style sort of reminds me of the Sonic Archie Comics characters. Its cool and wholesome!
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Nice art work you did.
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<3  She looks incredible, love the pose and those hands, she's almost gesturing "take me with your"  or "Dance, with me... now!"  sort of thing..  hehe ^_^ Great art! :D
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Probably my favorite of the chibis. Celestia's got that confident, fun-loving look down, and I've always been a fan of the shape of her eyes. Freakin' love the...for lack of a better word, celestial look to this drawing, the cosmic-like clouds in the background, with Celestia bathed in sunlight. Very beautiful :)
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Thank you :D

I'm happy that you like it that much :3
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Her face should be a little smaller... i think. She looks creepy.
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This is so beautiful ^^
         Chibi Princess Celestia Icon 
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Interesting anthro style.
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Oh wow, kinda has a Tinker Bell feel to me.
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I'm mildly confused by Celestia's bracelets. The left bracelet looks like a jaw nom nomming.
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In finest cartoon animal fashion she and her sister wear tops but no bottoms.
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Hee hee it tickles just to see it! So adorable!
Lovely work!
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Amazing adorable Love 

Dat Sunbutt :happybounce: 
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