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Wow, I'm totally blown away with your art. I've seen all of them, and this is my favorite. Okay, I'm starting the critique.

First of all, the picture is very detailed and she had the colors of the mane in the right place. A lot of pictures of Princess Cadance have misplaced hair colors, but this one is absolutely fine. All of the colors are the right ones, (especially the eye). The shading for the portrait is phenomenal and the shining is just, well, let's just say phenomenal again. I'm very impressed with this one.

Next, the background is very serene and light. I can see that the colors of the background matches her mane colors. Very clever.

The horn, ear, and head is perfect (in my opinion) because if you compare it to most pictures of alicorns, they have the same features. The eye is also in the right place, as I said before, and the eyelashes are just so beautiful.

Overall, I just enjoyed doing this critique. I hope to see more to come from you and see more of these kinds of portraits. 5 stars for all.
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Thank you very much for your critique :)
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Do you know this is a Google background theme?
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Wow muy good she is so beautiful I like Calibri is overjoyed [icon] 

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Cadance: I see with my little eye... a new couple in the making...
Shining: Uh, Cadance? Love? I asked you to stop shipping ponies against their will. It's wrong and you know that!
C: Shining, my love, I used none and won't need any.
S: Huh? What do you mean?
C: See by yourself, love.
S: Uh... Oh! Umm... *blushes*
C: *giggle* I guess they won't need my help after all.
S: T-that's not proper to watch other ponies in... a intimate moment.
C: It's them for not doing it in a public place.
S: You know very well that is their backyard and you are on the castle's balcony! Stop staring at them! That's... wrong!
C: As princess of love, it is my duty to make sure-
S: To watch over ponies like a voyeur?
C: Hey! Uh, I mean... It-it's like I'm enjoying doing it...
S: You know very well what I mean. I recognize that smile. Come on, Cadance *pulls on Cadance tail with his magic* Come inside! Leave them alone.
C: No! Wait! I need to make sure that-
S: They don't need you right now, princess of love. *keeps pulling her inside*
C: I-I want to see how it ends!
S: *chuckle* With one bun in the oven. Come on.
C: Aww...
S: *snort* Voyeur.
S: Hmph!

Like it, hate it, it was too tempting. Wonderful work. I like Cadance.
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My pleasure. Maybe... a bit too far?

And I should have wrote "stalker" no "voyeur".
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Cadence: Who's my good stallion?
S. Armor: You... are... dear...
Cadence: That's my good Shining Armor *pats on the head*
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looks kinda evil?
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HEEHEE she got that look on her face
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Cadance is pleased.
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ww she looks gorgeoues
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All my heart love this styleExcited Blush 
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