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Bon Bon at the beach

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Sadly that there was no a EQG Bon bon in the Beach episiodes from Hasbro but luckily we have this here ❤
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Bon Bon looks so adorable here. I could just hug her! :D
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I'm not a big fan of mlp art, but this is awesome :D the drawing technique/execution is astounding *Free Icon/Emote* Totoro ( Heart) *Free Icon/Emote* Totoro ( Heart)  
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moonflower :nuzzle: aww - mintyy Aww How Cute Bigger  OWO soooooooo cuuute Aww How Cute Bigger Aww How Cute Bigger 
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It's cute when Bon Bon shows her flank on camera.
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Teach me how to speak German ;_;

Ich liebe dich is all i know <3
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Ich sprachen eine bischen deutsch...or something. I suck at German =P
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Hahahahaha I actually speak a bit of German now.

I think most people would say "Ich speche nur ganz wenig deutsch" (I only speak a little bit of German)
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"Uh, Rarity--Ah think soon yore gonna need a stick t'make the colts behave 'round Sweetie Belle."

"Oh, duckie, I have better than that for the job."


"Pinking shears."
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Mmmmmmm candyyyyyyy
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Ñum ñum
Dat candys ......
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Exactly...... But sadly, she isn't as crisp as Lyra..
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