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"A picture of me winning a race!"

If you like my artwork and would like to support me, you can do that on Patreon. Every bit is much appreciated :meow:
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She's so heroic looking xD AND CUUUTEEEEE!!!!!! *screams* OwO
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Here is figure made by this awesome drawing. 
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You draw her fur so much darker than usual.  It's actually pretty sweet!
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"A picture of me winning a race!"
That was my favourite line from the premiere ^^.

Oh, and this one too:
"I prefer to think of them as everypony's trophies but with my name permanently etched onto them."
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Actually it was episode 3. Not technically the premiere but heeeey I'm overly literal so have it your way. I mean day. I mean... oh shoot just think of everything that rhymes with -ay and I'll be off.
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Clay spray flay say may nay gay play bay stay lay pay may yay!
Kthxbye! :)
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The whole angle and pose give it a certain look of speed that definitely feel like, "Aw, yeah!" :D
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The pic is great all over tho I especially love the little tid bit you added with the navel ^^ It's always such a cute addition to the torso <3
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No prob! Just some friendly feedback ^^;
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can we do an art trade
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I'm sorry, but I don't do art trades.
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This whole series is amazing.  I LOVE the background and lighting in this one.  Rarity's face is the cutest, and Pinkie's is probably my favorite.  But I'm biased.
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I'm happy that you like them - Thank you :3
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wow! beautiful work, well done!
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