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Applejack - Pose 1


A stereoscopic version is here:

The animation can be controlled with the arrow keys (It may be necessary to click on it first)

Made in Zbrush, Maya, Aftereffects and Flash.

Model downloads are available here: [link]
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So precious!!!!
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She looks psycho AF.
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Did you start from scratch?
By the way I use Maya 2013 too! Very useful tool.
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I have one base pose and used the transpose tool in Zbrush to set up the different poses.
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I still struggle when I start to sculp the ears, any advice?
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Having image planes with reference images is always useful.

Maybe you could start to model the ear with as few polygons as possible and only add more if necessary. And start with only a single surface (the outside/back side of the ear) and add the volume (the inner side) later on.
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Thanks, I'll have that on mind.
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You should tell WLF to do a vinyl figure of this one next, 'cause that would be ♫ amaaazing ♫
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So cool! It's so nice to see that someone was able to model the ponies, it's awesome to see it is posiable =D
I'm new to zbrush and maya and I keep failing at ponies Lol it's really bad ^^;
She is so cute! :tighthug: squeezes poor applejack :giggle:
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Thank you - I'm happy that you like them :)
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these are the best pony 3d modles that I have seen. period. that said, just as an experiment, could you try one with fur?
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Thank you :)

No, I'm not interested in doing more 3d stuff at the moment.
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I really want to see a semi-realistic model, as in one with fur and hair details. don't know if you've seen any?
KP-ShadowSquirrel's avatar
No, I haven't seen any yet.
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Could you make Doctor Whooves?
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No, sorry. I'm not interested in 3d modeling at the moment.
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I landed here by seaching 3D model, man I was not dissapointed. Mind if I borrow your model for a tech demo of a fangame I have in mind? It would be only temporary since I will be looking for model that can do simple action (walk, jump, etc), but for a demo, these are more than enough.
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