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Angry Bird

And again the empty description field stares at me - demanding some useful content.

Not this time i say! Instead it shall receive some random words - ha!

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3---2----1----- LIFT OFF! I REPEAT; WE GOT LIFT OFF!
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I hate griffins so much.
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Jeez the mighty Griffon 
StormGemios1343's avatar
this is not an angry bird, this is XD :iconangrybirdsplz:
She is not a 'Bird'
She is a Grif fon..
Pix3lW0lf's avatar
Oh no! The mighty eagle has returned! They didn't give her
the sardines! RUN FOR THE HILLS!
Tenzhi's avatar
So many angry lines!
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Wowie wow wow!
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gilda`s dad is a half panther-half bat grifon whit low morals and its on drugs?
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Why assume a bat? Why not just... half panther?

I read it as...

Gilda's mom was half panther, with no morals and the birth control pill didn't work. :P
anzul's avatar
i bow to you! XD
KingDragon34's avatar
Bow before Gilda! :D
anzul's avatar

^emote, wat? i wrote bow, not "thank you"....
KingDragon34's avatar
Emotes are disgracing Gilda's name and power. Death to the emotes!
anzul's avatar
true! plzicons are better XD
KingDragon34's avatar
Gilda now allies with plzicons to destroy the emotes. That is true meaning of Christmas. To when Gilda destroyed the emotes. :P Happy Holidays, dweeb! :D
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don't break my house Gilda!
fr1endshipismagic's avatar
That's what I thought when I saw this!

Nice art as usual, KP.
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Gilda! Calm down! Yer gonna have a heart attack! Remember yer blood pressure!
Fantasyflame's avatar
Lol! I loved that episode of MLP.
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