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Better Call Saul

In honor of Better Call Saul premiering the other night, I decided to do some much needed improvements on my Saul pony. Hoping to also redo some of my other ponies.

Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul (C) AMC

Art (C) :iconkozmotis:
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Feb 9, 2015, 1:21:54 AM
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I think this is absolutely brilliant and I laughed when I noticed the justice scales were tipped, suits him nicely.
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I didn't even realize it. It's on the logo for the "Better Call Saul" show, so I put it on like that. Holy cow....
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I didn't notice it on the logo originally so I went back to check, it was a good idea for a symbol.
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Nice design! :) I think you should work on defining your hind legs though: They're coming in very thin around the hock leaving very little room for the knees (which horses, and MLPonies, keep close to their torsos). This pic might help:… (Ponies do normally have accurate horse anatomy, you can see it when they walk, it's just very stylised)

Anywho, always cool to see Breaking Bad ponies!
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Thank you for that! I've been looking everywhere for a good MLP skeleton reference sheet, and haven't found one.
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No prob, I hope it helps! :)
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So much like the real thing. Best crossover XD
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You can never have too many Breaking Bad ponies. :D
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I watched a livestream of this last night and it was SO GOOD. I cannot wait for more!
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I know! My best friend comes over and watches it with me. We even bough Cinnabon last Monday for it.
gdpr-20773443's avatar
Although I've never been into ponies, I'm enjoying yours nevertheless, because they'e really something special. This one's simply genius! 
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Thank you! That means a lot, especially because you don't like ponies.
gdpr-20773443's avatar
You're most welcome :) 
I'm open-minded when it comes to art :)
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