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Digital Disaster Series

Yeah! It’s done! :) (Smile) A wile back I made a poster for my room called digital storm. That poster was the first of this series. I put a lot of work in to all of these. I decided to submit them all as one file so it might be kinda big. If you want me to post a larger version of any of these just send me a note and I will do so. I hope you like them.
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really good work!
m-a-s-a's avatar
very creative idea. (more of this stuff :) (Smile) )

I like nr6 beacuse it points towards the logo and the colors work really good.
I also like nr4 beacuse it gives me some sort of structure feeling :) (Smile)

good job!
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Could make a nice long poster. Shame I don't have any money.
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great work, im sure that took some time :) (Smile)
centaura's avatar
Hey, this is ver good idea! Thumbs Up
I like over all the 6 - green power!!
inferion's avatar
i had to wait for this thing to load on my 28k before i could comment, but its fantastik. i also like your logo. clean & simple :) (Smile)
jaxspider's avatar
All of them are sexy... but I really Like both blues, the red one & the Green one... w00t! :D (Big Grin)
jankin's avatar
Love the typo!!! The 3d looks a bit to simple. I like 4 and 6 the most. The second one is not bad too. Good work man...
negativecorp's avatar
awesome work mate...but the 3 and 4 is the best
alphakx's avatar
I love the variety! Good job!
ravenpain's avatar
wow awesome!!!
clip's avatar
They all looks brilliant...very nice work:) (Smile)
vh's avatar
I like this. 2nd and 4th are best ones.
pooda's avatar
Wow.. thats pretty wicked!

I want a poster like that... that would look so cool on my wall.. hehehehe

My fav's the second from the left.. the blue one..

I like blue ^_^

Excellent Job! +fav :) (Smile)
freethought's avatar
WOW! this is great! i LOOOOVE the pink one! it would look great on my wall!!! =D (Big Grin)
nextsound's avatar
the effort paid off those are awesome graphics.
daoloth's avatar
wow. lotsa details and grids and stuff :D (Big Grin)
wig's avatar
really really cool, I like this sort of thing a lot, nice work man! It takes all the current trends and instead of blending them u just made a load of different sections, which is sweet :) (Smile)
solidous's avatar
Wow! :D (Big Grin)

Excellent work! It looks really cool! :) (Smile)
randomcasualty's avatar
Woah .. Nnumber 3 and 6 rock .. So much work gone into this just have to FAv it for the time and patience factor ... Such a variety of vivid colours as well .. and the numbering of them fits the pieces completely .. Worship
liquidcfour's avatar
good work.... i like it.... nice style too
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This is great so i let the +fav speak
spane's avatar
Not really into this style, but I love this one. :D (Big Grin) +fav
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