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:damphyr: Drawing and scanned from a way long time ago. I don't know why I haven't decided to upload this here though, or I don't remember I did anyway ^^; I haven't really thought about coloring/painting it cuz it was only to vent from boredom. I probably will for watercolor/gouache practice.
Also enjoying the Scheduling a lot, helps me not spam you guys "XD

11" x 8.5" Drawing book
0.4 & .25 micropens
Red fine point marker

Drawing by :iconkoyukikuroya:
Traptrix Dionaea from the Yugioh Card Game
Update 06/04/2017: Finally found the original artist to this series of monsters, Akina Fujiwara. She's also the artist for the Charmers series and I'm so happy *w*

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This image is traced…
Please credit the artist or 'Yu-gi-Oh!' creator please 

just don't want you to get in trouble and such
Whenever you trace something and upload it you need to credit
its basically stealing at that point, even thought you are not making a profit on it, someone worked hard on this image 
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:damphyr: Thank you for your concern over the crediting of artists n n Mind you this was based on the card itself (I own one) rather than traced, as with some of my other practices, much of them aren't pin point exact as a trace would be •w• And while I know that the creator of the YuGiOh series is Kazuki Takahashi, over anything I'd prefer to credit the actual artist of the Traptrix series (specifically pointing out the art, not the game as a whole) which I have yet to find any credit for all of the card game's artwork. Reason why I ended up with 'from the YuGiOh card game'. Sorry for blabbing ñ ñ"
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no no its totally alright. If you do trace, be sure to remember to put a link of the image you have references/traced and thank you so much for taking this so kindly. Most of the time when I do this it always end up in a fight, which isn't my intention 
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:damphyr: Haha no problem, will do if I do XD And no problem, I've tried to point out the same I don't see crediting and ended mostly negative too, so I understand n n Again thank you for looking out •w•
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not a problem -hugs-
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:damphyr: -hugs back- n n
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