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  Okay, so you have been asking about where I come from and who I am. Just remember, you asked. Let me start by telling you that you all have been lied to. My name isn’t Mikkokan Saera. It is in fact, Namikaze Saera. Yes, that is the name of the great fourth Hokage, I know. My brother was a great man, but this isn’t a story about him, it’s mine. So let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

  When I was born I was very weak. I wasn’t expected to stay alive. That was when the miracle happened. Orochimaru-sama had heard about my situation and came into my hospital room after everyone had left for the day. Seeing as how I was a newborn at the time, I obviously don’t truly remember, I just know what he told me he did in order to save my life. That was when Kyana, my demon, was introduced into my life and from that moment on I was stronger and had the will to survive.

  I never knew my parents but I had Minato and Orochimaru-sama around when I needed someone. Most of the time, Minato was away on missions since he had started his career as a ninja, so I would spend most of my time with Orochimaru-sama. Though thinking back I don’t think his student with the glasses enjoyed it very much when I’d come running up crying to Orochimaru-sama after waking up from a blackout and having villagers chase me mercilessly. Oh well.

  When I turned 3 he gave me a choker with a beautiful blue pendant on it. I still wear it to this day. As you can probably guess I was a Gaijin to the rest of the villagers. In case you didn’t know what a gaijin is it means outsider, someone who is different from the rest of them. It didn’t take long before the villagers demanded they either lock me up for good or to kill me out right. By the time I turned 4 I couldn’t even leave my house without either Minato or Orochimaru-sama with me, otherwise I would be attacked on first sight.

  Orochimaru-sama realized I was in great danger and decided to get me out of the village. He helped me fake my death in a sense and hid me out in the forest. He wanted me to stay close while he was still working in the village but whenever he went on missions I was to follow and learn everything I could by watching and practicing on my own, as I wasn’t allowed to be seen. As I got older he would make trips out into the forest to check on my training and to give me private missions that the village had no knowledge of. By the time I turned 11, I was already taking seduction and assassination missions at his command.

  I owed him my life so I never questioned anything he told me to do. It was around this time that there was a huge commotion in the village, I remember a huge explosion. I was so worried about Orochimaru-sama and Minato, but I remained in the forest knowing that it would only make things worse if I went in. Luckily I didn’t have to wait long before Orochimaru-sama came for me in the forest and informed me that it was finally time to leave Konoha behind us. It took me a while before I could even look away from the gates of the village, and sensing my unease, he stopped and with venom coating his tone he informed me that no one of any value had been harmed. Though he regretted that information, I was secretly relieved knowing my brother was safe, and I quickly followed him away from everyone I once held dear.

  It was during our wandering that Orochimaru-sama found five young ninja and marked them. He dubbed them the Sound Five and used them to start locating a new place for him to continue his studies and to find more to follow in his work.  To be honest I was a little jealous back then that he felt he could mark them but never gave me the honor. Now I understand why, he already had a plan set for my life. His introducing Kyana into my life was not only for my benefit. I am his final weapon, a ticking time bomb if you will, against Konoha itself.

  We eventually joined the group known as the Akatsuki. Again I was sidelined and trained on my own, taking what missions he assigned me. As it was, his partner Sasori didn’t like me very much and thought that having me around would only harm their chances at completing missions. Later on when Itachi Uchiha joined the ranks, Orochimaru-sama asked me to get close to the boy. I did as asked, but eventually grew to care for him as much as one can when raised like I was. It was during this time that I was technically sidelined and doing side missions, that I was spotted by a fellow member.

  It wasn’t until years later that I figured out it was Itachi who saw. It was you confronting me that day that finally made all the pieces connect. Orochimaru-sama ended up confronting the boy and got hurt. As much as I cared for Itachi, Orochimaru-sama was the one I owed everything to so I prepared to jump into the fight to protect him. That was when he called out that we were leaving. Without so much as a second look back, I turned and followed him away from the group.

  We then met back up with the Sound Five and he began his work again. I took out anyone that got in his way and managed to keep our location secret for many years. 12 years later, he decided it was time to take our revenge. He sent me on my most important mission, infiltrate and gain as much information about Konoha and report it back to him. I watched the village for weeks, when finally I saw a group leaving on a mission. Following them, I watched their team dynamics and determined how best to use them to my advantage.

  It took some time but once they finished their mission I waited some distance ahead on their path home and used the help of my demon to injure myself severely. As they got closer I pulled in my chakra as much as possible to make it seem like I was as weak as I was claiming. Running into the group leader, I recounted how I had been attacked while walking in the woods, and begged for their help before collapsing unconscious in his arms. When I allowed myself to wake up once more I was in a hospital room in Konoha. My plan had worked.

  It took some time for my injuries to heal and I spoke to the Hokage at the time. I learned about my brother’s death that day but made sure that no one knew my relation to him. I gave them the name Mikkokan to hide my identity as they all believed I was dead. I think the old man was suspicious though, as it had been ironic timing of my disappearance back then. Seeing how it wasn’t long after I had “died” that Orochimaru-sama went awol and disappeared himself. He allowed me to reside in the village as a regular citizen, which was not what I was hoping for. So I had to improvise and take matters into my own hands.

  I turned this into a seduction mission and began seducing the shinobi of the village to gain information. When one ran out of intel I moved onto the next one. I eventually made my way into the bedroom of Hatake Kakashi. He had the most to offer as he was the teacher of Itachi’s little brother Sasuke, in whom Orochimaru-sama was very interested. Everything I learned I reported to Orochimaru-sama and when I had told him of the Chunin exams that were rapidly approaching he gave me my next set of orders: to help him get into the village undetected so that he could meet with the boy.

  I did as was told. I learned everything I could and the morning of the exams, I kissed Kakashi goodbye and wished his team luck. Once he was gone I made my way to the village gate and sat along the top of it, which I did most days so it didn’t seem suspicious to others. Once everyone near me left I sent a signal into the forest letting Orochimaru-sama know it was safe. I’m not sure exactly how he did it but the next time I saw him was he was leaving the forest that the exams were happening in. I stayed in character and played the worried citizen.

  After things had settled I received new intel and again reported it. That was when things went wild. Orochimaru-sama again infiltrated the village and war broke loose. All of his followers began attacking Konoha, me included. I knew what he wanted so I made sure to get Sasuke to a safe place first. When I say safe, I mean, it was where Orochimaru-sama would be able to find him and convince him to follow him. I fought until I knew that Orochimaru-sama had made it safely out of the village before I allowed myself to be captured. I knew with me in captivity they wouldn’t immediately go after him.

  That was when I met Ibiki. I’ll admit he is fun to torment, especially when he is supposed to be torturing you, well me in this case. He did nothing more than tickle me really, thanks to Kyana and my upbringing, nothing he dished out was really torturous enough. I never told a single secret that they wanted, only things that they knew already. I was in there for a good year before something happened and they decided to release me under strict circumstances. That was when I met you, Nozomi. I still felt resentment for the village and didn’t honestly care whether or not you lived or died, but I wanted my freedom so I did as they asked. Years later is when things started to change. I had not heard anything regarding Orochimaru-sama and finally, at the worst time possible, something surfaced. I had started to care for you and the others in my own way, and his resurface threw me.

  That was when I went off on my own with permission to really search where my loyalties lied. Yes I would always owe Orochimaru-sama but I had found things to love again in Konoha. So I decided while on my solo mission that I would protect them. When I returned the village was getting ready for a war, and that is where we are now. Preparing for this war. I will leave this now and hopefully it will be found and used to clear things up, should something happen to me while fighting.

  Now you know who your teacher really was. Use this information however you choose to, but now you know the truth. Now everyone knows the truth. This is the true record of my, Namikaze Saera’s, life.
Saera's Letter to Nozomi
So a lot of people, Nozomi included, have been asking about Saera's origins. Well Saera decided to write a letter to her student allowing her to finally know everything. I am sharing this with all of you against her wishes, so you all may know as well. It's a good thing I know how to hide from my characters. XD Let me know what you all think. Also those of you who are reading Nozomi's story will pick up on similarities and that is because they are in the same universe. So if you see something in this that corresponds to her story it was in fact planned. 

Nozomi © StarGazingKitten :iconstargazingkitten:
Saera and Kyana © ME
Kakashi Hatake, Orochimaru, and the rest of the Naruto crew (c) Masashi Kishimoto

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My name is Cora, Cora Michaelson.  This story started the summer after my 24th birthday. My best friend who just so happened to be not only my ex-boyfriend (whom I still loved very much), but also a Marine in the US Military, came home for a friend’s wedding.  His name is Kyle Wilson. I’m not sure exactly where he’s stationed at just that’s it’s far away from those of us he left behind. When he wasn’t doing wedding stuff he spent his time with me, as he still valued my company.

For some reason he always asked me to come over when he had a guy’s night even if I had been there the night before. He acted as if we were still a couple even though I knew we weren’t. I was really confused because when he had been home for Christmas we had had a serious talk and he had said that he wasn’t in love with me, even though he acted differently.

Well this day was no different.  It was a guy’s night and sure enough he asked me to come over after work. I showed up and all of the guys except one greeted me warmly. Lorence on the other hand decided to pretend like I wasn’t even there.

As the night went on, I went out to the garage to get everyone another drink with Kyle. Lorence decided to come out, thinking that Kyle was in the restroom or something, and cornered me. Asking me questions on why I was there when obviously I wasn’t wanted and other such things. Not knowing how to answer him I shook my head lightly and turned to get the drinks out of the fridge. That was when everything went to hell.

He grabbed my wrist and spun me to face him again. In the process something in me snapped and my hand flew out and covered his mouth to push him away from me. Then, next thing I knew he was biting my hand and stepping up onto my leg to try and jump over me. In the process he kicked me in the jaw and I used his momentum to throw him onto the ground on his back. Luckily his head never made contact with the ground. Scared, I ran back in the house and into the kitchen to busy myself with the dishes to try and calm down, as I felt tears building up behind my eyes.

About a half hour later, Kyle walked in and moved over to my purse. He had put his wallet and keys in there so he couldn’t easily go driving while he was drinking.  He grabbed both items out of my bag and walked back out into the garage.

Running out after him I asked what was going on as he was the one who had asked me to hold onto them for him. He turned and gave me a bone chilling glare. “I’m taking Lorence with me to base since I have to go check in anyways.” He snapped.

Feeling the tears grow stronger I inquired if he was going to come back. He shrugged and replied with a “We’ll see.” before helping Lorence off the ground and into his truck. I watched him drive away. That was the last time I saw him- before the incident that is.

I took off running, tears falling freely. My family came after me, after receiving a call from Kyle, and when they caught up with me they began yelling at me, saying how horrible of a person I was. That I better start looking for somewhere else to live as they refused to have someone who could willingly harm another without remorse in their house.

I started sleeping in my car after that. I would only enter the house when no one was home to eat and shower before leaving again to go to work. Even they were treating me differently now since my family had called them and told them what they believed had happened. I was expecting to get fired any day now for some small reason or another.

It was 4 days later when it happened. I was still feeling bad about what had happened with Lorence and Kyle but it’s not like I could contact either one. I didn’t have Lorence’s number and Kyle wasn’t answering my texts or calls. Worst part was, Kyle was due to head back to his station in 5 days.

I was out taking a walk to try and clear my head when I heard a vehicle pulling up close to me. I can’t really describe what I felt but something in me told me I was in danger. I had been replying to a text on my phone at the time, so I turned on the recording app before shoving my phone into my bra to hide it. When I turned around I was surprised to see Lorence getting out of a truck with another guy who was much bigger than him.

Giving a sigh of relief I greeted him. Apologizing for what had happened that day I walked towards him to give him a hug. That was when the other guy grabbed me by the left arm, and at the same time I heard a sickening snap. Shortly after the sound came the searing pain, my arm was broken. Looking to Lorence for help my fear was realized. He was laughing.

“My brother here doesn’t take kindly to people hurting his family. You may have only bruised my back but as far as everyone is concerned I have a concussion thanks to you amongst severe spinal damage. And the best part is no one will believe you over me.” He continued laughing and his brother lifted me off the ground.

It wasn’t much longer before he finally stopped hitting me. I could tell that not only was my left arm broken, but now so was my right leg and most, if not all of my ribs were as well. I was taking short, shallow breaths to try and keep my lungs from expanding enough to get punctured. I was thrown into the back of the truck before they drove off. I don’t know how long we drove for as I was trying to focus on my breathing.

When we finally stopped I tried to look around but I couldn’t recognize my surroundings. They yanked me out of the back and told me to tell my boyfriend that if either of us ever came around them again, I wouldn’t make it out alive next time.

I tried to tell them that Kyle wasn’t my boyfriend. That we were just friends and that he seemed to really enjoy my company while he was home but that was the extent of our relationship, for a lack of a better word. It was then that I was thrown against something pointed and hard. Again I heard it before I felt it. They had just broken my back, I realized in horror. I was already a burden to everyone I knew but now it was only going to be worse. As the bigger guy lifted me up again I could already tell I was losing sensation in my legs, and I looked up at them and pleaded with my eyes.

“You would be better off just killing me now. That way you wouldn’t have to worry about ever running into me again and I wouldn’t have to be a burden to those around me.”  I spoke softly, still trying to keep my lungs shallow even though I could feel my ribs rubbing against them.

A malicious smile came over both of their faces as once again Lorence spoke, his words chilling me to my core. “It’s not like it matters if you live or die. Like I said no one will believe you even if you tried to tell them.” That was when they threw me to the ground and it honestly felt like my head was a basketball for a moment as it bounced off the pavement.

My vision was fuzzy so I didn’t actually see them leave but I heard the truck start and take off. Once I was sure I was alone I started speaking. I apologized to everyone for being such a burden in their lives and for not being what they wanted me to be. I let everything off my chest that I had been hiding for so long. I only hoped my phone was still alive and still recording at this point. That way even if I was found dead, there would be something for people to find. I laid there for a couple days going in and out of consciousness.

It was late on the second night, maybe early morning on the third day of laying there when I tried to move, which happened to be a horrible mistake. I was trying to reach something so I could make some kind of noise, so hopefully someone would find me and take me to the hospital. I jolted my left arm in the process, which caused me to gasp sharply. Next thing I know I couldn’t breathe properly as my lungs began to fill with blood. I could see the sun rising in the distance.  I was coughing constantly, trying to expel as much blood from my lungs as possible. I don’t know why I was doing everything in my power to stay alive, especially since all I wanted to do was die and give everyone peace of mind.

As the day stretched on it was getting harder and harder to stay awake. It would be so much easier to just give into the darkness; there it was warm and safe. There would be no more suffering or pain if I just gave in. It was then that I heard it. A voice calling my name- Kyle’s voice to be exact. Before I knew it he was kneeling next to me calling out to me. His name slipped from my lips just before my eyes closed and I succumbed to the blackness of unconsciousness.

I woke up again a few months later in the hospital. My arm, leg, and abdomen were wrapped tightly in casts. Not that I could feel my legs at all. Looking around I was surprised to see my family sitting in the chairs around my bed asleep. What hurt most I think was that Kyle wasn’t there. When everyone woke up they started crying and hugging me, apologizing for the things they had said to me all those weeks ago. They told me that Kyle had found me after I had been missing for three days and rushed me to the hospital. That he didn’t leave the hospital until he was forced to so that he didn’t miss his flight back to base.

I learned the extent of my injuries and wasn’t surprised at all. My arm, leg, ribs, and back had all been broken which I had known the day they happened. I was never going to walk again, though by some miracle I could still have kids one day if I so desired. They couldn’t repair the damage done to my spinal cord. Kyle had found my phone and charged it. Seems like it managed to record all the way until I punctured my lungs before it finally died. They said he broke down in tears when he listened to it before taking it straight to the police station and that Lorence and his brother have been arrested, tried, and sentenced to prison for attempted murder while I was under.

Now my biggest fear had come to pass, I was even more of a burden to everyone I knew. I fell into a deep depression at this realization. Now that my phone was charged and returned to me, I saw I had a lot of missed texts from people.

I had been talking to this one guy that I met online, and seeing as how things were going now I sent him one last text. It read, “I’m sorry to tell you this but I am moving very far away. You’re a great guy but I don’t want you to get your hopes up about me still being a candidate for being your girlfriend. I can’t do long distance relationships so please find someone and be happy. Goodbye and good luck.” I felt bad sending that but seeing as how I didn’t want to be a burden for him as well, I had to make sure he knew I wasn’t available for a relationship with him like he wanted.

I then started to look up local convalescent homes as I didn’t really want to go home. My best friend, not Kyle, came by to see me with her husband and two little boys. Her name was Sally. They cheered me up for a little while but once they left so did my cheerful mood. I knew it was hard on them to come see me, especially with two young children with them.

About an hour later my mom and our friend, Katherine, who was helping take care of her since her hospital scare in the beginning of the year came to see me. They seem to be getting along well, but then again that tends to happen when someone stays with you almost 24/7 while you are in such bad shape like she had been.

I was actually relieved about that. At least they had someone to rely on now. Once they learned of my plans about going to a convalescent home, their attitude changed and they became adamant about me coming home when I got out. That it wouldn’t be any kind of issue at all. I fought them on it for a long time. But when the day came for me to be released from the hospital, they had won. I came home and became a bigger burden. My depression worsened, which ended up in me getting permanent disability and quitting my job.

It was a couple months later.  I was at a gathering with some friends and family when some music started playing. I recognized the song immediately as it was my favorite country song. Sally and Katherine looked up with different degrees of shock on their faces as they both knew I loved this song. Katherine was genuinely shocked and confused as to why this song was playing of all songs, whereas Sally seemed to have expected it to happen, but was shocked at the timing of it. It was then that my head shot up, shocked and almost scared, as it wasn’t the voice of the original artist singing the song. Instead, it was Kyle.

When the song finally ended he walked over to my table and glanced at the two next to me. Sally just smiled and stood up, muttering something about needing to find her three boys before they did something crazy. Katherine seemed to glare at him before moving away to go look for my mom to make sure she was doing ok.

Sitting down next to my wheelchair, Kyle took my hand and apologized for what had happened to me. He blamed himself! I tried to convince him otherwise, but he refused to listen. That’s when he told me that he still loved me. That the only reason this had happened at all was because he had been trying to deny his feelings for me, and had been looking for any reason to make sure they didn’t resurface, as he had always blamed himself for how things had ended between us the last time.

That night we became an item again. I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy. A couple years later he got out of the military and we were married. It’s been three years since then and we are now expecting our second child. It’s still hard for me to believe this is real some days. There are days I wake up and I’m inconsolable, believing that I’m alone and just a huge burden, but he’s always there to hold me and remind me otherwise.

Our daughter looks just like him, and when she sees me sad she climbs up on my lap and looks at me with big, green eyes that have dark, brown hair hanging messily in front of them. It’s hard to remember why I was so upset when she does that. This is the story of how Cora Michaelson died, and how Cora Wilson survived.

The Summer Incident
This story is based on a dream I had the night before last. It had actually scared me since I was the character that it happened to and when I dream I feel everything that happens as if I'm actually there. If it hadn't been for the fact that my grandma was the one waking me up asking me to help her with something I probably would have thought it had really happened. I decided I'd let you guys read it and see what you think of it. I am putting a warning on it because I'm not sure if some of you withh have an issue with reading about breaking bones. I hope you guys all enjoy it as this is the only story regarding these characters that I am going to write.


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Ok guys I need your help. I am currently working on a story and can not for the life of me come up with a name. The story is an Inuyasha and Spirited Away crossover with the main pairing being KagomexHaku. So if any of you have a title suggestion please comment down below. I'd really appreciate the help! Thanks guys! ^-^

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