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And Yang is done now too! (Here’s RubyWeiss, and Blake; I’ll upload a photoset soon!)

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I am really getting into this anime! 
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kmkibble75Hobbyist General Artist
And this one is gorgeous, too. I really admire/envy people who can work with colors like this.
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setoProfessional Filmographer
Nice drawing! I'm a fan of how you handled the forms.
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dhennessy2014Hobbyist Photographer
Noice!! Earned yourself a watcher!!
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The-Last-PhantomProfessional Digital Artist
Cool choice of lights!!!

Epic clap 
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So comments:
20% on how RT crashed Monty's vision for RWBY (which I don't agree with V3 was pretty much fine but OK I won't judge ppl have opinions)
10% arguments on V3
50% on how she has 1 too many arms
15% on the actual art (thank god)
5% replies to the 40% on how they hate that ppl are pointing out that they hate RT for destroying RWBY (yang got a prosthetic in V4 chill)
But hey the art's awesome tho I wish I could draw like that
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Ruby: "You finally got a new jacket?"
Yang: "Yeah, the old one was a little small."
Jaune: "We definitely noticed."
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Freddy-Kun-11Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful Yang!! My favorite one! :aww:

Her actual situation is... :(
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This is obviously after the trouble at Atlas(what with them attacking innocent people; my guess is that it's because there's a White Fang spy in their midst) has been resolved, allowing them to work on a prosthetic arm for Yang.
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Rose-Wolf-chanHobbyist Writer
Got to HAND it to you. You went out on a LIMB with this one. You're pretty CUT out for this, aren't ya? It's alARMingly breathtaking. 

My job is done here. 
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ZeeJayEmHobbyist Digital Artist
*slowly claps*
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FelixNFox Digital Artist
Yay! Got her arm Back!
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DarrolLayman2015Hobbyist General Artist
Looking good, Yang.
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YANG 😍😍😍
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LarimarGauntletStudent General Artist
Why does Yang still have her right arm?
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Cause she will always have both arms.
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LarimarGauntletStudent General Artist
yeah, one in an ice bucket next to her, and another attached to her shoulder.
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No. Both arms are on her. End of story.
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LarimarGauntletStudent General Artist
Hahaha sure. Denial. She's lost an arm, babe. Deal with it.
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It is a mistake that will be fixed. And jerks like you should know better than to hurt others like that.
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