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Would it be possible to add download button plez? ._. 
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How come? If you right click and save the image, it should be the same size as the version I uploaded...
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I really like this Portrait, reminds me of her :).  Her eyes and scarf are exceptional, I appreciate your fine work!
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AAAAH! I love the the little ear on the side and the double hairpins, along with the tiny mole near the nose and the strayed hair. There's so much detail! 
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I love her sweet face and the details of the light =3
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Superb ! Great digital and what a cute girl as usual ! Congrats ;)
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Seriously, every time I see you upload something, I squeal so much on the inside :iconloveloveplz: You have no idea.
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Thank you, I'm glad to hear that!
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very nice ◠‿◠
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Happy holidays ◡‿◡
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Aw, very adorable. :)
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Nice! :) Scarf girls are my fetish I think I've fainted. 
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I'm in love with the lights, love it! ^^
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