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Finished up the Team RWBY drawings! Here’s the links to the individual posts/closeups: RubyWeissBlakeYang

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😍 They all look amazing! 
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Awesome work.
You've captured their styles very well.
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Love This!!  This is fantastic!!
ProgressingArtistry's avatar
Very detailed and niice!
I just came across this show a week ago, just finished volume 1... I have no regrets <333
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Amazing portraits. You have also gotten each girl's personality across perfectly as well.
darkenkidu's avatar
Wow. I love the eyes btw. Nice art. Keep it up!
NikuSenpai's avatar
I love your work. keep it up!!!
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Great pieces! One epic shoot!
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Really beautiful artwork here.
selvis-wit-elvis's avatar
Hopefully Yang will get a robotic arm...
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Yang might look intimidating, but she's actually pretty 'armless!

(Im so sorry)
evillramen's avatar
Oh I dunno, I herd she can carry the force of a small army!

(I'm not sorry)
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God dammit Barbara!
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really good color composition ^^
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XD omagawd its all of demm..happy..thogether...and yang had her ar.....


very nice job!!!! luv it!! :)
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