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Camilla and Hinoka
By Koyorin   |   Watch
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Published: March 30, 2016
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Drawing of Camilla and Hinoka! I think they would make a cute pairing... 

(Also, I realize I’ve been drawing a ton of Fire Emblem over the past month so I’ll probably try to space it out a bit more...)

[Previous FE fanart]

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Yes!!! Love this pairing!
BentoAUS's avatar
BentoAUSHobbyist Digital Artist
This is very cute, and amazingly drawn too. I wish Fates had more homosexual pairings.
mooparr's avatar
mooparrHobbyist Artist
Seeing my wife in love with someone else hurts me.
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CrowgaleStudent Writer
Why couldn't they make more same-sex couples in Fates?... I want these two to fall in love,  fall asleep in each others arms, then get married and have kids, it that too much to ask!!!
AutobotWarider's avatar
They've got two of these kind of pairing for Rhajat and Niles with both genders of Corrin.
Crowgale's avatar
CrowgaleStudent Writer

Also Rhajat is pretty much a Tharja throwback and Niles is... well... he's Niles. There should be more options like Nyx and Ophelia or Azura and Fem-Corrin.
AutobotWarider's avatar
Why Azura? (And now I just felt like crying)
Crowgale's avatar
CrowgaleStudent Writer
Because she originally was meant to be a same-sex pairing and SHE DESERVES LOVE!!!AH EW  
AutobotWarider's avatar
It wouldn't be worth pairing since she dies in Birthright and Conquest from overdoing her singing.
Crowgale's avatar
CrowgaleStudent Writer
But she survives in Revelation... wait, Imagine if every time Azura died she woke up the day before Corrin made his/her choice. The first time Corrin would make the choice he/she didn't make the first time and that time around Azura would think she could survive the war whilst unwittingly falling in love with Corrin, then the second time she dies her love is unrequited and she losses hope in finding a happy ending to her life... until Corrin chooses not to stand on either side.

Sounds something like Edge of Tomorrow/ All you need is Kill... but it would work.
AutobotWarider's avatar
You lost me after "she woke up the day before"
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HaganethHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh no!

My waifu is being stolen by... My waifu?
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Lamar154Hobbyist General Artist
something about this one. I really enjoy
suziegon's avatar
It's perfect. DANG GOOD SHIP.
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notthemosttalentedHobbyist General Artist
Oh my stars I ship this

Admittedly, I didn't understand what was going on the first time I saw this, but after playing the game myself I can concur that tHESE TWO ARE PERFECT
Koyorin's avatar
Koyorin Digital Artist
Their original Japanese support implied more of a potential attraction between them, but they toned it down for the North American localization :(
ScarletCrimsonDevil's avatar
ScarletCrimsonDevilHobbyist Digital Artist
TylerFluffDog's avatar
TylerFluffDogHobbyist Digital Artist
Ship has sailed. I regret nothing
bradpara's avatar
BTW, for those who finished Revealtion, how are these two supports with eachother.
eyecourt's avatar
Camilla teaches Hinoka how to sew so that she can make something for the Avatar character and they bond over that.
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