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Well, here’s an alternate outfit for Blake too! (And here’s Ruby and Weiss; still have to get to Yang!)

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You make them all look cute. ;) (Wink) 
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Better than the actual thing, awesome job!
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pretty!! i love the outfit!
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oh come on blake dont look at me like that!
I didnt do anything wrong!
I love you!

Oh, nicely drawn by the way.
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hi! i'm making a rwby music video, is it alright to use your art in it with credit?
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Blake takes the word cool to a whole new level.
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So are these like, winter outfits for the characters? With the scarves and everything....
I like them a lot though!
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omg my sister loves blake!
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Meow. All she needs is a tail.
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I always knew she was a cat-girl! 
And the shading is awesome in this one :D
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sweet winter clothes
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That is one lovely kitten you have there Nod 
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Wow! This is Blake right? So pretty!

I always get tricked by the bow at first. Thought those are cat ears..
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Blake's bow covers her cat ears.
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I just realized that after the episode where she was revealed as a Faunus so all along I was right. Phew~ 

Also your welcooome!
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WHOA! this is really seriously fantastic! no kidding keep going do more like this? Awesome Work!
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This is awesome !!
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