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SSSOOO i have decided that i hate drawing digital >< So imma finnaly start hopefully putting up  my tradish now that i have a working scanner YAY sadly i dont color my tradish often enough but im buying copics soon so that will prob make me color them more haha so i should be posting thats soon ^^ TAHNKS for watching and remember i take all commissions!! just ask ^^
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HEY YO!!!!

So to any one who is reading this >> like 2 ppl ahaha I'm opening COMMISSIONS! YEY

So I'm pretty much commissioning anything? lol Fan art ( i can pretty much copy any style just ask), OC's, Cosplay props, Traditional art, Digital art, and my pipe cleaner Artsy stuff too!!

You see my Fiances birthday is coming up, and i wanna buy him something nice. ^^ We have been dating for like eva (8 years in June) And I'm just looking for some extra moneys so things will be cheep here are a list of prices!!

I accept PayPal only

Digital     May vary                                                                                             

Head shot Colored                                 3$                                               
Bust colored                                           7$                                         
Full body colored                                    10$              
Full body simple background colored     15$                                                                        
Couples Full colored                               20$                                         
Any more than 2?                                   Ask                    
Traditional       May vary                                                                             
Head                                                    same
Bust                                                     same
Full colored                                          12$
Full w/ simple Background                   18$
Couples Full color                                23$
Any more than 2                                  Ask

   Cosplay props
Since it could be anything your going to have to contact me for this
  Price will range form 10$ to 200$ LOL Plus shipping
I Do key blades any gun or knife props and i can mostly do anthing just let me know!!
Not doing Clothing really because of lack of knowledge in sizing properly. Thanks

   Pipe cleaners    May vary

Small creature/thing 5$    Please ask before ordering prices range
Medium                     8$
large                        15$

Any thing else ur interested in? Just ask^^

I will open 5 slots for now for all art forms thanks!!
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SUUPPER EXCITED. My tattoo is done and it looks awesome!!! so many people here have commented on it and faved it so thanks to everyone!! it may or may not become a sleve in the far off future and Zoro would be the next addition if that happened. I decided to get luffy because he is so dear to my heart. I love One Piece more than is normal and luffy is my knight in shinig armor. Im not in love with him (thats zoro >> lol) But i strive to be like him. Like him im very much into friend ship and think its the most important thing in life. I also think that striving for the impossible and doing it is a great goal in life. Just like the fortune cookie in my wallet says "You see life as a dashing bold adventure" I try to live by thins with all my heart!! This tattoo will help me to live life to the fullest and when i feel sad and my head look to the ground ill see it, My own piece of luffy right thre on my arm!  Smiling at me ^^ and i know ill be alright. Luffy is so light hearted and i strive to be like that. And on the other side of things hes really strong and not just in strength but also in courage, and love above anything else. He may be A Sexual as i call him but he certantly loves with his whole heart. ^^

So as the new arc in one piece starts so does a new arc in my life. ^^ my it never end and if it does lets hope its a dashing and bold adventure!!
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WEll YEY i finshed the picture ^^. And now its up i hope you all like it ^^ i read all my comments and thing and will offer any help i can in reguards to cosplay and drawing. Im not the best but im pretty good id say ^^. Cant help you with grammer tho >> LOL. DERM lets see what else. Ah katsucon was the best! its was alot of fun and i met some really cool people, but since i only went on sat i didnt get to make any really good relationships so if u saw me there message me ^^ i love new friends!!.

I do take commissions for anime props (Cosplay) and art if ur interested at all ^^ or even my dabling in pipe cleaners just let me know.

And also check out my show at www.youtube.com/ZTCrew its one piece based and im sure if u like my cosplay and art youll love the show theres also a blog and a cosplay tutorials on there. Not too to many but there is some cool stuff plz Subscribe ^^

nuuuuuummmmm i think thars all for right now ^^ Toodles!
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Bruhahahah... Been working on cosplay for so long i havent gotten around to finishing the picture i have been working on for like 2 weeks HAHA...Yeah i could prob fin a pic in about 5 hours but i work on it for like 15 minz to an hour and put it down i cant draw on the computer too long >< I get annoyed with it. BUT... I have been working on cosplay foreva >< And gotten alot done im working on now miguel form road to el dorado and just finished my Strong World Luffy (Pilot edition) So im super excited im debuting  it today actually at katsu witch i am current getting ready for. ^^ Weelllll i guess thats all for now. Im going to try to write in this more just cuz i like to haha alright have a good life!! Toodles!!
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