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synergy ' November 2008, 038

so it begins!

i just got sick of aftermath and looked for new ideas. everything started back in the days when had its update - i wanted to do a desktop based on it, but the only things left from this early 'alpha' are the buttons as you can see them here. then i saw those pry icons by jonas rask and i knew i had to use them :> so i built a somehow 'macish' setup. hope you like it!

wb: the wb skin is a mod of another theme, so it's nfr, sorry. i don't have the time and motivation to complete a windowblinds skin.

ls: litestep with searchbar (GAIA08 icon used), simple popup and vertical taskbar. compact :>

foo: trackinfo_mod for the buttons and info, scpl playlist. hidden albumtree and other stuff.

miranda im: well, a somehow more complicated skin this time... but not too complicated.

explorer: pry icons (jonas rask), styler toolbar and findexer.

ff and tb: custom graphics and userchrome.css

mpc: custom logo (pry icon)

wallpaper: by *Uribaani

thanks for viewing!
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beautiful screenie :)
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Hey man, really like your desktops! :) You've got some good stuff. I've been trying to find a Litestep theme exactly like this one, with little luck - I'd really like to get the taskbar to display the clock & programs like yours does, but I'm not too sure how to do this... :/ If it's not too big of an imposition, could you send me the litestep theme you've got so far, maybe via email? I know the desktop in its entirety is nfr, but if you could send me something for litestep, that'd be great. Thanks in advance!

~ AH Design 91
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gute,sher gute
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kannst du mir vielleicht verraten, wie du thunderbird so verändert hast. hab mit userchrome mal rumprobiert, bin aber nicht so weit gekommen. und welche grafiken hast duausgetauscht???
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impressive still nowadays
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das ist wirklich einer der besten desks, die ich je gesehen habe. zu schade, dass du ihn nicht fertig- und bereitsstellen kannst. aber wie siehts mit dem litestep theme aus? irgendeine möglichkeit, da ran zu kommen? würd mich auf jeden fall freuen.
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dankesehr, schreib mal ne mail an bzgl des LS-themes
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Will this ever be released?
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no, it won't be, sorry.
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awesome!!! it looks so smooth and finished.. how and where is it possible to get just the visual style??
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thanks! the vs is not finished and not available.
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really nice desktop set could you post the WB skin or send it to me.
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ach... das nich samurizeß :(
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ne... aber wenn du dich erstmal in litestep einarbeitest kannst du nicht mehr ohne ;)
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was fürn plugin brauch ich für die samurize suche?
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litestep commandbox :)
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