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Part 1

“Whatever you do, Nicole, just remember what happened to your sister.”

“Stop mom. Seriously.”

And after a loving embrace with her parents, the newly minted college freshman shut the door to her dorm room, bidding her parents good bye, and welcoming in a new lifestyle, filled with its own challenges and triumphs.


Nicole was a very attractive, confident, and intelligent party animal who could look her best standing next to any girl, while drinking almost anyone under the table. She was the classic case of a girl who was “one of the guys”. All the men at the university who encountered her inevitably ended up acquiring a major crush on her. And how could you not? She had blonde hair, blue eyes, and a smile that could light up a room. According to the doctor’s office, she stood 5’5” inches and weighed in at 121.3 pounds. According to Express, Abercrombie & Fitch, and LEI she wore a size 4 in almost all jeans and skirts. She was a knockout. The only place she really lacked was her chest, as she was only gifted with an 34 A. However, that did not matter, as she a tremendous “bubble butt”, perfectly proportioned to flat, toned stomach, and slim features. And have we mentioned that she maintained this, all without working out.

At least that was the case when she was in high school.

And that was also the case for her sister, Jennifer, who at one point in time, had a similar appearance to her younger sister. Luckily Jennifer was quite a bit more top heavy than Nicole, which is why the first 20 pounds she packed on in college weren’t as noticeable as they could have been. Unfortunately, Not even the most advanced bra from Victoria’s Secret was going to keep the attention off the bottom half of her figure, as she quickly packed on 40 pounds by the time she had graduated and gotten married. To add insult to injury, Jennifer’s 34 C’s graduated to D’s after she had broken 140 pounds. Unfortunately, The only thing that changed was the number signifying the measurement around her rib cage... Eventually topping out at a 42. And if her expanding size was an elementary school division problem, she would becoming dangerously close to having her jeans go evenly into 42 twice, as she was currently a size 16.

It wasn’t uncommon for the women in Nicole’s family to gain weight as the years passed on. Jennifer, however, bucked the trend by doing it the quickest. Nicole’s mother, who was painfully short and round, once had a figure that grabbed the eye of quite a few men when she was younger. However, 50 pounds of pregnancy weight, gained and lost two separate times, took it’s toll on the 5’1” mother. She soon found herself tipping the scales at over 150 pounds. She feared the same fate for her own daughter.

Nicole found the transition to the college lifestyle to be quite comfortable. She managed to attend all of her classes and achieve excellent marks. As an extrovert, she had no trouble socially, and was able to make plenty of friends. She was even able to keep her partying under control, which pleased her parents, and no doubt had a positive effect on her academics. And like with all pretty girls, she was able to meet nice boy, named Adam, and had been dating him since mid way through second semester. In the end, her freshman year was a grand success.

“You look so good Nicole! I can’t believe you kept the freshman 15 off. Have you seen Amanda? I ran into her and her mother the other day at the grocery store. She came back from school and it looks like she put on 20 pounds!”

Amanda was Nicole’s best friend from high school. She was a pre-vet major who ended up going to school across the country.

“That’s what your most excited about!? What the fact I made Dean’s list? And that I was able to secure those two scholarships for Freshman excellence in my marketing courses?”

Nicole’s mother paused, smiled, and gave her daughter a warm hug.

“You’re right sweetheart, your father and I couldn’t be more proud of you. And to think, we were nervous about you going to a school so far away!”

Nicole smiled at her mother. She was happy to see her mother so proud. Upon receiving the gratification, she reverted back to the original subject.

“So Amanda got fat!? Like how fat? That is soooooo funny!”

Nicole and her mother continued gossiping on in a catty fashion. Though she was not one to do it to someone’s face, Nicole definitely had a predisposition to gossip behind the back of her friends. She would even do the same when the subject of Jennifer’s overly zaftig figure was brought up.

A few days later, Nicole had her own opportunity to size up Amanda. They met up with each other at the park and went for a refreshing walk on the trails while soaking in the warm summer sun. Nicole was shocked at what had happened to her best friend.

“My goodness, Amanda! It’s so good to see you again! You look.. great!”

The blonde princess knew she was uttering a lie the moment the words left her lips. However, this was her best friend, and she didn’t want to make her feel badly. Unfortunately for Amanda, the changes were undeniable. Gone were the sleek runners thighs she had that captained the track team and propelled her to being named an all-state athlete her junior and senior year. In their place were two thick, toneless tree trunks.

The damage wasn’t limited to just her lower half, as Amanda’s once rock hard 4 pack had been dissolved like a 1920’s steel monopoly. Instead, it looked like she was wearing a flesh colored belt, made of jello, that encircled her abdominals, sides, and back. She had a full blown gut and muffin top. Her breasts had grown much bigger and heavier, though not perkier. And her arms had lost all the tone that years of fanatical training and discipline had brought them. Lastly, her facial features had softened considerably, removing the once angular quality they once had.

In short, the 5’6” Amanda had ballooned from 118 pounds to 148 pounds in one year of college. Nicole’s mom had underestimated by 10 pounds.

“Yeah, I look great alright”, said the out of shape Amanda, “I’ve packed 30 pounds, Nicole!”

Amanda got right to it, she was not one to mince words. Her face said it all - she knew exactly what Nicole was looking at. What puzzled her, however, was the fact her best friend hadn’t gained any weight herself. Nicole still maintained all the natural tone she had a year earlier, including the smallest breasts. This was amazing to her, because she knew Nicole had never stepped foot in a gym.

“And furthermore... how in the hell are you still slim!? Have you been going to the gym? You must be going to the gym? I mean, there’s no way you could’ve maintained. Good for you for going to the gym, Nic!”

Nicole smirked, she loved getting compliments like this, especially knowing she maintained her figure by eating and drinking in moderation.

“NOPE! I didn’t step foot into a gym once. Still a size 4. Speaking of which, can I get some of my summer clothes I lent you last summer?”

Amanda grimaced. How could this be? And how could she have the gall to ask about those clothes? Of course she would want them back, because she knew her best friend was far too heavy to ever fit into them. Even so, Amanda had plans to run herself back into shape, and some of the clothing was quite sexy on her, at least when she was thinner.

“Wow.... Well, you must not have been partying hard enough, Nic. I think we may need to change that this summer... Here, follow me.”

The two friends took off into the woods, with Amanda becoming uncharacteristically winded before Nicole. Once they were far enough in the distance, Amanda brandished a colorful glass pipe. In it, a pungent green substance.

“Here... a little of this will take the edge off of everything!”

Nicole looked shocked. Her best friend, former letter athlete at the high school, had not only gained over 35 pounds, but was now smoking marijuana as well.

“Amanda, really! No wonder why you gained weight! You must have had the munchies all the time.”

Amanda smiled.

“And I drank a shit ton too.... You’ve got greens. Enjoy.”

And with that, Nicole took her first hit of many that afternoon... and of many more to come in the future.
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