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Aiichiro Nitori by KowareYume Aiichiro Nitori :iconkowareyume:KowareYume 2 0 Intern Dana's Double? WIP by KowareYume Intern Dana's Double? WIP :iconkowareyume:KowareYume 0 0 Zack by KowareYume Zack :iconkowareyume:KowareYume 2 0 Mermaid by KowareYume Mermaid :iconkowareyume:KowareYume 5 6
Who are we
Who are we
To think the way we do?
Expectations and norms
Drag down and put out
The very light that fuels the heart,
Leaving a vast emptiness of sorrow,
The desire to grow
Into an insurmountable lie.
Who are we
To believe the way we do?
To blot out and warp
Those who actually are somebody
And subject them to the falsity,
Driving them
To conform and grow
Into an overwhelming lie.
Who are we
To judge the way we do?
By following custom and crowd,
We are fabricating a world
Where expectations and norms
Lead to a lie;
Where blotting and warping
Lead to a lie;
Where judging
And we
Create a world
Where falsehoods rule
And truths are ignored.
:iconkowareyume:KowareYume 3 4
Instead of living in the depths of rain,
Look up and see the stars, tinted with grey and green.
Listen to their hum, the sound of their voices, as they lull you to sleep.
Above, they guide you,
Leading you to where you want to go and where you need to go and where you should go.
Where saltwater turns sweet and tangy,
And shivers clear the path for the new.
Yellow is there, warm,
Shining as pure as the heart.
Look, there;
Overhead, they, the stars, shine like stars, as stars do,
Vibrant and echoing through the night,
Embracing a light devotion.
Yet, they never dampen
Or fade away;
Unending as the spirit.
:iconkowareyume:KowareYume 6 6
New ID by KowareYume New ID :iconkowareyume:KowareYume 3 15 2013 by KowareYume 2013 :iconkowareyume:KowareYume 4 3
I Am Me
I am from the pile of crumpled pieces of paper on the floor, from Kraft, moving trucks and slamming doors.
I am from that one place, then another, then back.
I am from clover and chains, the meters of wilted sweet in the sun.
I am from tacos at least once a week, from Michelle and Corey and Gaston and Douglas.
I am his "burrito", his girl, his one, where insult-based humor is the norm and words are never enough.  
I am from a place where I knew only of the backyard and my bed, from being dragged between home and home.  From "carrots will give you boobs" and "Papa's monkey, Nana's dolly, Momma's baby".
I am the kind of person that places my life within a song, then lives it to the tune.
I am from tearful emotions and poor poetic writing skills, from not caring and continuing writing this anyway 'cause I can and I have to.
I am from a family where isolation is a reward and dinners consist of silence with a side of awkward.
I dream of lights, laughter, love, and life.  Of e
:iconkowareyume:KowareYume 5 10
Garry by KowareYume Garry :iconkowareyume:KowareYume 2 9 Gail Harris- Thanks for the 13,000 views! by KowareYume Gail Harris- Thanks for the 13,000 views! :iconkowareyume:KowareYume 3 4 Sora WIP by KowareYume Sora WIP :iconkowareyume:KowareYume 4 21 Alois Trancy by KowareYume Alois Trancy :iconkowareyume:KowareYume 9 13 Matryoshka by KowareYume Matryoshka :iconkowareyume:KowareYume 18 7 KARINKA? MARINKA? by KowareYume KARINKA? MARINKA? :iconkowareyume:KowareYume 12 3 The Vocaloid Group Photoshoot by KowareYume The Vocaloid Group Photoshoot :iconkowareyume:KowareYume 5 16


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What is my path...?
Everyone has a Path
Though you may not be born with it, it is still there. Your blood, your soul, and your reason for life.
I think you are not born with a path, a purpose, because you have to go out and find it for yourself.
In order to find your purpose, you must first find yourself, so you can decide for yourself...
The reason for your life...
It might be hazed or unclear; hiden in a mist at the end of a darkened road. But as long as you are alive you have to keep searching for that purpose, for that path...
Maybe the answer is in your dreams, your ideals. Maybe you'll find it in a job or passion.
Or perhaps a Person.
Im still looking, and i will search as long as it takes for me to be certain. Even if it takes me into the mist.. into the shadow...
Because if you live your life to the fullest, and let nothing stand between you and your purpose, you and your path... then you will find yourself living your dreams, with the people you trust, and the fog will clear... if you dont stop.
:iconkrisjaustin:KrisJAustin 5 8
Footsteps in the Sand by KrisJAustin Footsteps in the Sand :iconkrisjaustin:KrisJAustin 8 12 Crystal and Grass by KrisJAustin Crystal and Grass :iconkrisjaustin:KrisJAustin 5 2 Wig Commission: Zack Fair by Antiquity-Dreams Wig Commission: Zack Fair :iconantiquity-dreams:Antiquity-Dreams 192 45
No. 6
10/10 A+ 100% Would Reccomend
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Chloe Douglas
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
19 l Female l Oregon, USA l Fluent in English, some 日本語

Find me here:

Skype: chloe.douglas7
Hey, everyone!
I haven't updated my journal in quite some time!
Also, I haven't been able to draw a lot nor improve my skills.  I'm working almost 40 hours every week, and I have a ton of school work to do, too.  (I'm doing online pharmacy technician training.  Fancy stuff. C: )
Anyway, I am going to try and practice a bit here and there where I can.  Though, most of my free time is spent talking to my boyfriend ( or playing video games.  
I want to be one of those people who do gameplay walkthroughs on YouTube, but I don't have any equipment, and my laptop and internet connection can't hack it.
So, that will be saved for some other time, I suppose. 
So, yeah.  Nothing too exciting has been happening.  I'll just...try to be on here more. :)

Thanks for any support, guys.



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thanks for the compliment but my work not that beautiful at all
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