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Siblings amirite? Final by KowareKen
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Just ur decent dweeb that loves cereal and craves ice cream.

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((Creek shipper since the beginning)

// Sleep when you can, not when you want to shorten your life span. //


Siblings amirite? Pt.2
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Simon : As you guys know, I have 4 siblings, five including me. There's Jace, Claire, Daisy, and Viola. There was one day that Jace and Daisy were arguing for a particular reason -I dont remember- but Daisy decided to prove a point about something. It was Claire who was sitting nect to me, and I was carrying Viola. We were just watching them argue. It was in the living room; yelling at each other. None of them were listening to me so I watched the problem resolve itself. 
    I made the wrong choice to do that. 
When I thought the argument ended, Jace said something. I don't know what it was, but it was pretty mean. 

{apologies, Idk how to make comics, so tired} 
Siblings, amirite ?
I am part of the LOTF fandom. I saw in Tumblr some headcanons on Simon and him having siblings - that's why he's usually wise and calm. Also he seems to have a big brother demeanor. 

If you can't read my handwriting (cause i have bad handwriting) :

Eric : -It was only for a couple of minutes!
Sam : yeah, but I got in trouble!
*laughing and acting like children*
Sam: What about you Simon?
Simon : Hm? Me?
Eric : Don't you have any stories of your siblings? Any arguments?
Simon : Well..many, yes. But I'm just a bystander. 

Next :…
(not for sale, just...putting it out there)

Artist Oc’s names:

Alani - 17 years old. Sketch and copic artist. Lives in America. She lives with her grandmother, who is in fact very rich. These two live in a house far from the city, but live in the calm fields with farms and other country people. But in the country, there is a beach, or a river near them. She has a pet snake (Shaye) and a cat (Dayne). Her pets do get along, very cute. In the area they live in, her grandmother is known to be the richest. @Alanibubs

Misha- 19 years old. Born in Russia but lives in Vienna, Austria with his step-sister and brothers and sisters. Has his own apartment but sometimes stays over with his siblings to steal their food because he doesn’t know how to cook. His step-sister is 3 years older than him and takes care of their siblings. @ExplicitMish NSFW account: @Mishofsins

Matthew- 18 years old. An all American boy in college. Watercolor and painter artist. He’s pretty tall. Lives in Houston, Texas. People wonder if his ancestors were cowboys or something. Somewhat cynical and an entire potty mouth. He’s kind of nice, mostly grumpy, some people wonder why he has many friends. His parents love him too much that it makes royalty seem poor. Has a little brother, they don’t really like each other. @Ewtoyou

Machi- 19 years old. Working and doing art is pretty difficult. Lives in Daegu, South Korea but born in Canggu Bali, Indonesia, moved to Nepal, then finally settled to where she’s at. Knows how to cook, but prefers to buy outdoor food. She loves pizza. Studying and art 24/7. She has a two pets, a Tibetan Mastiff (Shule) and a Kintamani (Balu). Wifi kinda sucks where’s she’s at. @Lee2Machi

Buwan- 15 years old. Lives in the Philippines, specifically in Baguio City. Her relatives are spread all over in the Philippines. She just wants to live her life, not caring about most things, like gender, sexuality, religion, she just wants to draw. She has a penpal in America. Pretty quiet but restless, netflix and other shows is what she likes to do. Has a few friends, knows some people, everyone knows her, feel kind of intimidated. Has a pet turtle. Youngest sibling and cousin. jour4

Nathaniel - 15 years old. Lives in Hawaii with his mother and his father in the Netherlands. He has an older brother that lives with his father and both visit each other either in Hawaii or the Netherlands. Born in Kailua, but moved to Paia when his father moved to Europe. He’s pretty clumsy, that’s why he has so many minor or major injuries- like when he was 10, he and his friends were bike-riding down a hill and his shoelaces caught the chains and he flipped. He has a penpal in one of the Asian countries. @LuaPai


Atabei- 25 years old. Scottish and Haitian parents. Lives with her boyfriend in Lille, France. Super sweet but also very stubborn. She is a traditional and graffiti artist. She has a pet, a russian blue cat (Fi). She met her boyfriend when studying abroad, only spoke Scottish, so speaking another language was really difficult. Atabei lets her friends call her “Tabs” but her bf calls her “Bei”. Her and her bf are musical fanatics. Still struggles speaking French. @freethreeTabs

Rayan- 26 years old. Loves Korean fashion. Speaks English but very heavy French accent. Very tall boy, seems pretty intimidating, but is actually a really kind guy. Got some piercings and jewels in his hair. Has been to Korea and almost freaked out when seeing BTS. Has a pet Lowchen dog (Loui), spoils his baby too much. Met his girlfriend while buying groceries. Taught her how to speak French and English, but Atabei still struggles in speaking French. Graffiti artist and part time couch potato. Has a sister, Ines that lives in Paris. MUSICALS ARE BEST . @A-Ray-ted_content

Zoltan- 27 years old. Serbian. Polite Punk. Serbian father and Mediterranean mother. Tattoo artist and sketch artist. He’s a gay ho. Loves anime too much and tv shows. A pretty chill guy to hang with, and likes to annoy his boyfriend. Lip piercings and ear piercing. When he’s drunk, he’s really goofy. He likes disney and pixar movies, tease him and he’ll beat you up while humming Moana. @WoaZy_

Elia- 24 years old. Italian. Pouty Pastel. “Pretty boy”. Sicilian parents and sisters. Competitive homosexual. He likes the manga better. Watercolor, traditional, digital, artist. Loves and hates his boyfriend sometimes. Met ‘Z’ in twitter when his followers requested that they should collab. Both he and his bf live in Genoa, Italy. @SketchyElish

Mirjana- 23 years old. Croatian and German girlie. Femme Lesbian. Sculptor and coal artist. A tall blonde, asocial darling. College is not cute. Light, pastel colors are her thing. Light Grunge is also her thing. Deciding whether or not to get an animal. She and her girlfriend live in Reykjavik, Iceland. @Artdruggie

Oana Masika- 24 years old. Romanian and Egyptian. Lesbian babe. Makeup artist and digital artist. Her hair is like frickin’ silk. Dark clothing represents inevitable death. Dates almost every other night. Ikea is her frenemy. Skulls and flower crowns are aesthetic. Candles, lots of scented candles. Family lives in Amsterdam. Despises Francisco’s jokes.

Francisco - 22 years old. Spain father and Moroccan mother. He’s a painter and a sketch artist. He also cooks. And bakes. He doesn’t do hair buns, he does ponytails. People sometimes mistake him as Jon Bellion. He has tons of jokes, that it makes Oana want to strangle him. Art block is a bitch. French macaroons are literally his favorite thing to eat and make. Lives in Barcelona with his girlfriend. Born in Alicante, Spain and met his gf through his brother’s girlfriend’s friend’s cousin. @MoroccanMacaroon

Iracema Akuti - 23 years old. Indian mother and Brazilian father. “Honey lip princess”. Born in Coimbra, Portugal and grew up. Trigonometry is the enemy. Digital comic artist and professional eater. Has made many comics, finished and continuing. Loves to travel with her parents when she was a kid. Pretty athletic but also pretty lazy. Despises high heels - on her mother’s birthday, she was forced to wear heels, and while going down the stairs, the shoes stepped on her dress causing her to fall and not travel with her parents-. Loves sweets. HoneyToons

..Digital or traditional drawn- 


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