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Downhill by bicycle, Turkey



Not sure where but on the way to Iran, Turkey.
What a downhill that was. And I'm not talking about the lenght of it, but about the open space that attracts you like a magnet. Pictures, no matter how well they photo-shopped (this one took me 3h) won't give back this ecstatic effect a person can feel when admiring all of it. Sounds, smells, uneven road,sun setting behind your back, farmers welcoming you with a smile....all of it is so magical and volatile. Volatile because often times we are so focused around our job, our problems, our daily 'obligations' and repeated tasks that we have really hard times appreciate what's happening right NOW. It's like in ''The Pursuit of Happiness" movie we aren't realizing happiness is actually here and now. Not in 40 years when i'm retired.Not in 10 years when I pay the mortgage. Not next year when I get enough money to go on holidays. Not next month when I buy my new phone. Not tomorrow when the weather is better. Happiness is here and now. Are you truly happy?
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