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Nyoko New Outfit Concept by Kowachi Nyoko New Outfit Concept by Kowachi
These are some quick concept sketchs of a new outfit Nyoko will be wearing soon in the comic. Finding a proper design for her is always tricky. The character has a very wild, aggressive personality, but still retains an air of classiness about her thatís appropriate for an elven ninja. The idea is to go for something that looks casual, yet still functional for a merc/ninja; something form-fitting that shows off her physique, but not overly sexy or that shows too much skin. One would need to be able to picture her walking down the street in this outfit without drawing suspicion, but still be able to fight effectively should the need arise.

Before starting on these clothing designs, I took the opportunity to try out some different hairstyles. I finally picked one I really liked and felt fit the character perfectly, and stuck it on these designs to see how itíd look.

As always with these kinds of sketchs, I start off by drawing a full nude version. In addition to helping me work on anatomy, it also helps with the costume design since I have an idea of what the character looks like under their clothes. As a bonus, it gives me a mannaquin to work with so I can easily slap on different clothing.

2009 - Present: This is the current outfit Nyoko is wearing in the comic. I fucking hate it. Sure, I liked it well enough when I designed it 3 years ago, but now my skills and tastes have gotten more refined, and I canít stand to look at (much less draw) this design anymore. Unfortunately, I havenít yet reached a break in the story where it would make sense for her to change clothing.

I ended up choosing design A, the first concept I did. Usually, I try several different options before I find one I like, but I was pretty happy with this one from the get-go. I did a bunch of other concepts anyway, just to see if I could come up with something better, but I always kept going back to A.

When I was done, I came up with some quick logos for a couple of the various manufacturers that make Nyokoís clothing and equipment, along with some notes on where the logos might be located. Corporations will play an increasingly important role in the story as it goes on, so I try to include as many logos and advertisements as possible without going overboard.

Winter Clothes Concept: This one isnít related to the others, but I included it anyway. The later parts of the Renaissance storyline will take place in a colder climate, so I wanted to do a quick mock-up of what Nyoko might wear in such conditions. She needed something that looked warm and kind of baggy, but still flattering and easy for her to move in. I think Iíve found a nice balance with this design. Of course, Iíve got a long way to go before I reach that part of the story, so this is really just a preliminary sketch. Iíll probably explore the idea further at a later time.
weather9999 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012
well, you could go the nude way for a few pages, thus facilitating the urgent need for new clothes and giving you an opening
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