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Nyoko Hairstyle Concept by Kowachi Nyoko Hairstyle Concept by Kowachi
So, Iíve been testing out some new hairstyles for Nyoko. I liked her current style years ago, but now I feel itís just too cartoony and over the top. Iím going to hit a break in the story near the beginning of the next chapter of Renaissance that will allow for a haircut and a change of clothes, so I wanted to nail down an appropriate style by then.

Style A: With this one I went for a very shaggy, wild look, with slight variations in cleanliness. Not bad, but not great.

Style B: I really liked these, especially B-1 with the shorter locks on the side. It conveys Nyokoís classy side (she is an elf after all, not a barbarian), but itís just way too clean and doesnít convey any of Nyokoís more rough and tumble personality.

Style C: I kept the rough look from A, but trimmed down her bangs a bit so we get a clear view of her eyes and forehead. While sketching it out I felt it was very close to what I was looking for, but not quite there.

Style D: Bingo! D-1 is it. Stylish, wild, but still clean enough to show Nyokoís got a bit of class. I tried the longer side locks, but ultimately I prefer the shorter ones. Actually, this design is incredibly close to the current one, only shorter. Funny how sometimes you really donít have to go too far to find that sweet spot.
Korikaze Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012
I like B-2, B-3, and D-2.
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