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[Nexus City] - Kovie

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Oh my god, she's so beautiful now like wow I'm so proud of myself. I might do more with this picture, new ref sheet perhaps.

Ehhh yeah anyway, this is my application for the roleplay group NexusCity. I had considered adding Vyx in there too, she might have fun there. A place where she could feel at home, at least a slight bit more than she could with humans. Maybe I'll make a sheet for her too, I dunno.

Also to those who don't know this character, no she does not glow. That's just there to outline her, cuz the app sheet is black as is her antennae. Eh, basically to make her stand out against the background. Lastly, I intentionally left it unshaded, for those who might want to draw her you can use this as a colour palette.


Name: Kovie

Age: 20
               [ 20 is about her developmental stage, the translation between humans years and anevda years is difficult ]
Gender: Genderless
                               [ Prefers female pronouns ]
Creature: Alien
                         [ Anevda ]
Height/Weight: Aproximately 2.5m/160kg
                                                                [ 9ft/350bs ]
Job: Researcher

District: Limbo


      » Athletic high speed runner and long jumper, making for excellent parkour skills.


      Patient | Loving | Easily Amused | Spontaneous | Sensitive | Diffident

      The most prominent feature of Kovie's personality, is her extraordinary patience with obnoxious and troublesome individuals.
      She has no problems dodging hits or answering millions of questions, not very easily angered at all. She generally is open to
      all whom she feels need help, no matter what class they're from; encouraging them to talk to her when they're stressed and
      she'll always do her best to help in any way she can. Despite this, she's also rather bad at following her own advice. When
      anxious or upset, she'll often isolate herself and has a very low self-esteem, caused by taking all the stress and problems of
      others onto herself.


      She came to earth a few years before she found Nexus, on a hobby of researching alien planets. She had intended to leave
      after a few years, but never really got around to it and just sort of forgot she was supposed to leave. She found everything
      so interesting; the plants, the animals, the people, their society. It was so different to her home planet, and honestly very
      pleasant compared to a few other planets she had seen, despite it's downsides. Actually, it was mostly the downsides that
      kept her there. She's always had a strong urge, or need to help people. Nexus was so full of oddities and pained individuals,
      she just sort of absentmindedly set herself to ridding the city of it's lower class, by helping them all to a higher status.
      Although really she never really has any idea what she's doing.


      + Electronic Music
      + Seasoned Meat
      + Weird people
      - Extremely high/low pitched sounds
      - Sudden loud noises
      - Strong scents

Additional Info:

      » Being a carnivorous species, she only eats meat, and usually prefers it raw.
      » Uses squeaks, clicks, and growls to communicate emotion, as well as to certain types of animals.
      » Can't fight, at all. She knows how to restrain someone, but she cannot bring herself to hit anyone.
      » Has a lot of high tech things in her ship, which kinda ended up as her home at the border of tartaros.
      » Afraid of carnivorous plants
      » Weak immune system
      » Sharp retractable teeth
      » Forked yellow tongue
      » Blood is yellow

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welcome to the group ovo i hope you will have a great time here and a lot of fun
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KovyxHobbyist Digital Artist
eeeee thank you <33
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ltty-bitty Digital Artist
Invader Zim Feels.
But lol, Im remaking my vortian from the fandom to use as my second character, won't be a vortian, would end up another creature but have similar qualities
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KovyxHobbyist Digital Artist
XD this species did start off as an irken/vortian mix, but i edited it a lot and now they're hopefully mostly original. ^^"

that's cool :3
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8DeroneHobbyist Digital Artist
Kovie's design and backstoryis really cool! I love how she just kind of forgot why she's in Nexus. Heart 
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KovyxHobbyist Digital Artist
Or rather just, forgot she had planned to leave. XD

Ahh thank you hun X'3
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Arcania-9Hobbyist Digital Artist
Color scheme, the new style, everything... Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2] 
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KovyxHobbyist Digital Artist
:'D <3
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leafpool12Hobbyist Digital Artist
She looks so cool I like how it has sort if a invader Zim like attena awesome job
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KovyxHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, hehe thanks. X3
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leafpool12Hobbyist Digital Artist
^^ your welcome   i hope she gets in ^^ she probly try to study my slender lady   XD
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KovyxHobbyist Digital Artist
XD thanks
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leafpool12Hobbyist Digital Artist
welcome ^^ hope you get in
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YuruuHobbyist Traditional Artist
She so cute!
Just wanna hug her x3

Turned out really amazing :3
and adding the gear on her it looks fantastic =D=D
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KovyxHobbyist Digital Artist
EEEEee thank you X3 <3
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MiikageStudent General Artist
She looks awesome! And I read the description! :la:
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KovyxHobbyist Digital Artist
Awwee yyeee thanks luv :'3

Hehe, the story thing isn't really what she does in my little imaginary world whatever, that's just for the sake of rping at Nexus. Normally, she still works as a psychologist on Veo'Asylo. ^^
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MiikageStudent General Artist
Ohh... okay :D
and you're welcome! :la:
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