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Come join if you're bored, yesh.

Hope to see you there.
Streaming it now @ 

See you there.
Will be playing this lovely game on the livestream for a while, feel free to peek in @

Will be on the livestream shortly, feel free to join in @

Thanks for reading.
It be on for a little if anyone want some music

See you there
Trying to stream some music on a very "moody" connection. Feel free to join in as long as it allows.

See you there.

If you want to tune in.
Going to try to play some more Penumbra in the livestream for anyone who pleases, will start in a few minutes after this is posted.

Can come visit the same place as always

See you there.
Very likely I will stream some Penumbra later today(horror game thing). Was thinking somewhere around the times 9PM or 10PM UTC though I'm not completely sure at this point. Though I still wanted to give anyone the heads up that might be following my stuff here. I will make sure to post a new journal entry when it's actually time for the let's play or my twitter thingy if you have me on there, so feel free to keep your eyes open for that, will be funz.

It will be in my livestream as always @

Thanks for reading.
If you're interested or just a bit bored at the moment there will be a stream starting in about 45 minutes. For more information just pay a visit to the link below.

Link right here:

Just to click around a bit and you should find your way there.
Buffy is going to stream a movie in 10 minutes or so.

For more details check this journal post out
The old MC server is back up and kicking, if you used to play on it then it you might still have the details for it in your game.

If not, well feel free to read up on it and join:…

You are more than welcome to pay a visit.
Pretty much what the title says.

Let's see what good use can be made here.