Save the Date: Q+A with The-SixthLeafClover!

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Leave a comment on this journal for The-SixthLeafClover to answer during the Q&A session starting at 4 PM Pacific Time on July 10th!


The-SixthLeafClover is the creator of the comic Lucky Dragon and Friends and also created a beautiful tutorial where deviants can learn how to draw their very own garden dragon. She’s hosting a Q&A session on this journal, so you can ask questions about her creative process, inspiration, and other art-related inquiries!


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When is the Q&A?

July 10th at 4 PM Pacific Time Converted timezone


Draw a Garden Dragon!


If you haven’t taken part in The-SixthLeafClover’s garden dragon tutorial, there’s still time to do so! Follow along and submit your drawing to earn a leafy badge for your profile!

:star: Take Part :star:


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Cover image by The-SixthLeafClover

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can i do a lavender or tea leaf dragon ? Since both can be in a garden