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I was robbed

Wed Jun 20, 2018, 7:42 PM

June 18th 2018

Everything was taken

Someone broke into our storage unit at 1 am and broke, trashed and stole our things. I don’t know to what extent fully because it’s a mess but I know all of my jewelry has been taken. I guess the box ended up in another box this second go around and they found it. Ripped it open and left nothing in there save for 1 earring piece a friend of mine made together.

My grandfather's things where tossed aside and broken. My husbands fossils where smashed. Fossils and things he had worked -years- on for his PhD. My heart hurts so bad for him. So... bad.  Things you can't replace easily at the local store. Things that hold so much weight in just their memories alone, I'm trying to still process this. I just can't believe it.

All the boxes where torn and savagely ripped apart and all the contents flung everywhere. Discarded. Memories of my life violated by someone who knows nothing about memories. Nothing about precious things that might not mean anything to them, but was the world to me. 

"Only the darkness can see the stars"

The feeling is one of the worst I could ever imagine. I feel so violated. So broken. My things... my precious things are with someone else. Some vial piece of society that finds no remorse in smashing my grandfathers photos or breaking passed down items.

Police report has been filed along with all the contents I could see that where taken.

Going to keep an eye out on markets online for our things....

I’m so defeated right now but In some small measurement I can’t let them win. I can’t let them have the satisfaction of bringing me down but this really hurts. This hurts....

.... but they will get theirs. 

"Life challenges, life's struggles are my life. It's my gift. My struggle is the gift that the world falls in love with. I've turned my struggles into a gift. "

"Pain strengthens your soul"

But I've Grown Today...

I've gained a gift.

Imagine if I've never known struggles. No heartache. I would be weak. If something hard ever came up in my life I couldn't handle it because I would have never gone through anything that would have strengthened me. Nothing to challenge me. No hammer to the anvil. No forging of my soul or character. 

Pain strengthens your soul.

If I didn't have failures...

If I didn't have struggles...

If I didn't have disappointment I would have no strength, courage, or compassion. I was given this pain because I was strong enough to handle it. I was given this life because I am strong enough to live it. To thrive and to inspire others to live through it. I've survived all the challenges in my life to this point because I believe in myself and my strength. Because of my family. Because of my life. This precious beautiful life I was given to lead and triumph over. So that one day, as I take my last breath I would be humbled all over again to re-live the life I was given.

I've cried so many tears over this. I've been so angry over this. I'm allowed to be angry. I'm allowed to feel defeated. I'm allowed to feel completely disgusted. I'm allowed to fall to my knees even for a brief moment. But the difference between them and me is....

....I can rise. I will rise.

It won't be easy, nothing ever is, but I will rise. Why? Because they will never have the satisfaction of defeating me. They have no idea who they're dealing with. They have no idea of what I've gone through already in my life. They will never know the feeling of what it means to live and to appreciate the life you where given. To have the outstretched hands of family and friends pull you so feverishly to your feet.

They will never know what it is to give and not take.

These challenges, these heartaches, this pain was sent as a lesson to make me stronger. To teach me patience. To embrace my scars for they are my war paint. This pain allows me to show my spirit and my soul to others. To show them my purpose in this world is to keep going. To keep growing.

Life challenges and life's struggles are my life. It's my gift. My struggle is the gift that the world falls in love with. I've turned my struggles into a gift.

Beat that those who would seek to destroy it.

The oil of my spirit has been ignited. They couldn't possibly hold a candle to the flame that grows and spreads with the passion and love I aim to hold true to every single day. To continue to be humbled that I have a life. That I am safe. My family is safe. My friends are safe. To be humbled by what my parents and grandparents instilled within me is enough.

I'm enough.

There's a reason I cried and didn't faint.

There's a reason I crawled and didn't collapse.

There's a reason that I fell down and didn't shatter...

.....and that reason is because I'm stronger then they will ever be.


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