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That’s gotta be the cutest version of Chrysalis I’ve ever seen. 😄

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Absolutely beautiful! Very well done!
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it be a awesome cell phone background
I absolutely love your style. The colours are so rich and vibrant, and everything has this delicious sparkly sheen to it. Love how you did the background on this one too, with the swirly corners and stuff going outside the frame. You're talented!

Are you familiar with the work of Alphonse Mucha? A couple of your Chrysalis pieces remind me a little of his style.
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She's so pretty! <3
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This makes me think, "Chrysalis Falls In Love", somehow.
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Yuss, pretty bug queen c:
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so beautiful !
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So devilishly pretty. :meow:
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Really loving the colors of this one.
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Chrysalis has the prettiest mane, I swear. :heart:
Chrisi looks so beautifull and happy
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She's so pretty!!
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This has a Lisa Frank vibe, I like that.

It's kind of nice seeing her in a happy, bright setting. Something uncommonly explored in a serious manner.
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Love the uses of colors with light and dark elements.
Thank you for sharing.
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Very pretty mane. :D
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Extremely lovely
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Interesting mane she has here. ^^
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The perfect waifu.(?
(I like your art is so beautiful Clapping Pony Icon - Rainbow Blitz )
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Your artwork is so amaing!  This piece is just BEAUTIFUL!!!  <3
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