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Missing you

Missing my dad...
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i understood you too well... ive also lost my own. today is the 10th birthday of his death.
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thankyou, and sorry for your loss :(
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nevermind. time buries everything... litterally
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Aww....this really, really makes me want to give you a hug. However, the best I can do is this: :hug:
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Aww, poor li´l guy. ^.^
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Hey, I noticed this pic and thought I'd ask how you are?

Holding up ok?
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I'm ok for the most part, just have bad bits every now and then and stuff like this happens.

It's still a bit surreal, like everything has slipped more or less back into normality and how it feels wrong that it should because its not normal any more because he isn't here any more.

Meh, i dunno :/
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I'd imagine that to be pretty normal. Not really knowing how you should feel, or carry on afterwards.

You do seem to be coping well, which is absolutely admirable. A lot of people would have handled it much worse.

I guess you've just got to let yourself cope in the way you cope. And not feel guilty for it.

I'm always about for a chat/message anyhow. It's nice to hear from you, and to check in.
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aww beautiful picture.
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Aww, such a sweet picture. ^^
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I like this pic. Sorry you are sad =(
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Awww... What a sad picture...

I like the colours you used. So cold... So lonely... So sad.

Great job!
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Wow, that's a really great picture
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No problem you did good work
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