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Iron Helmet and Sword cosplay tutorial


If you make one using this tutorial do link me a photo I would love to see it :D

Finished costume: [link]
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Thank you soo much!!!!!!! This helped me a lot.
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awesome, do let me see if you make one!
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Thank you so much for posting this!! This is going to help so much!
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Do let me see the finished article if you make something! :D
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Of course! Ill be posting pictures along the way! Follow me on Facebook to see the progress! :)…
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Hi, I am amazed wit this work ;D
May I know what is the purpose of those many short cutting on the cardboard?
And how you did you built the round shape for the skull part?
Thanks a lot! ^^
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Can I ask where you saw this or if you just stumbled upon it? I've had loads of faves on it recently and was wondering if it was features somewhere?
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It's all over Pinterest :D
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The short cuts mean you can make it a nice round shape without it over lapping. And the round shape was just built with foam taped down over the cardboard strips like in the first pictures :)
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WOW!!,this is incredible! Amazing!
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