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Werewolf's soldier2

Werewolf's soldierの設定
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Will be more of this character? Maybe a comic?:)
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Nice armor designs!
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Even cooler than the last one. ^^
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Hello, how are you? My name is Aline and my cousin, Thiago, and I have a series of books inspired on Brazilian folklore (there is a kind of werewolf here too). You can see the facebook page (in portiguese ) here in this link:…
And the reason for my contact is whether you would give me the joy to use your draw in a post on our page. With the link of your profile and due credit, of course = )
We'll post 2 or 3 drawings per week, and if you want we can mark/post your page on deviantart  and / or facebook profile/page as well. what do you think?
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great work! He looks so cool
e o mite, daisuki desu.
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The details are very well done, kudos !
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Hi there. Just wanted to let you know that FENRISWOLF12 is stealing your art. Take a look ->… .
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That's what I call excellent biology for an anthro. 
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Well, would you look at that.
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This will be greatly.

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Have you seen that videogame called Overgrowth? they are going to have something really similar to this
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love your wolves! one of my characters is a werewolf, trying to find a good concept for him :D
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Very cool I like the proportions it's hard to make humanoid wolves, well done
Can I use to mascot for my clan? 
The subject has great proportion, and I love the design. This is anime quality, in my opinion!
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