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well it has officially been over a year since i last updated my journal here on DevArt. I figure it's about time to do so. Well... i dont really feel like it.

U know enough about me already. just letting you in on a few things. I'm no long a math major. now a Graphic Design major, maybe I'll switch to Photography instead.

life is good... enough.

talk to you in a year.

buh bye.


if u want more pictures i've taken check out my flikr
  • Listening to: thunder
  • Reading: the sky
  • Watching: lightning
  • Drinking: in life
yeah i know i never update, at all. and I would like to apologize for that. But I kinda suck with art. My specialty is music, thats what I love to do. And i create it on GarageBand, I love it.

I need lots and lots of practice with my drawing skills before I make anything else worthy of DevArt, unless i get lucky with a drawing. I dont have chances to do much good photography, I should offer up my skills to local bands, since there are like 20k.

I graduate today in 16 or so hours, i will no longer be a high school student. FINALLY. once this week is over, there is nothing that I have to deal with anymore. It's going to be an interesting next month.

so all, have a great summer!

~Corey Zev