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I decided to launch a Patreon in an effort to make more time for personal projects! Please check it out! If I get enough support I will start doing 3D tutorials as well, and potentially 3D sculpt requests too.
Hello! This year I moved to LA to start working at Wayforward! Very exciting and fulfilling work. Just posting a little update to push off the commissions entry. I am no longer taking commissions and trying to find the time and energy to finish the last couple I have left during my off time.
Hello! I have too much free time and too much bills this month so I am taking commissions! You can see the info here:…

Please email me if you're interested rather than send a DA note, because I don't check DA as much.

It doesn't make me sexist. It makes me a human being with personal interests and preferences. Don't attack an artist for being politically incorrect. An artist's goal is not to please everyone. You will not change the artist, you will only hurt them the same way unsupported artists have been hurt. "Don't draw that, I want to see this instead. Nobody wants to see that." Believe it or not, "privileged" artists still have emotions, still have feelings, and still put years of effort and work into becoming successful.

Instead of attacking an artist that doesn't share your values, support those artists with non-mainstream ideas who aren't getting the support they deserve.
Hello! I have been busy working with clients on game projects. One being a 3D iPhone game I can't show anything for yet! But soon hopefully! I hope to make time soon to do some personal art on top of this stuff. Being your own boss is a real pain! Still looking for a full-time position somewhere but no luck so far. Only lead now is something in Japan, hopefully something will come of it!!

neways I'll try and post some new stuff soon cya
uhhhh hello I wasn't planning on going to Otakon but the starts aligned and I'm gonna be back in the northeast at the time so I might as well go! I don't have an art table or anything so idk why I'm even telling u

I guess if anyone wants to share an art table with me that'd be neat, otherwise I'll just be hanging around doing whatever these creeps do all weekend
hello i am in pittsburgh for the week, should be getting back to work on that witch 3d model next week, i will be sure to stream my entire process

i happen to be here during tekkoshocon but it's stupid expensive to go for one day so probably not going!!!
here I made a community let's all be pals and race ! !


also my friend code is 3995-6517-3345
I have been looking into making my own Cintiq and while it's very possible, it's also a big headache. Until I found ! They sell DIY Cintiq kits that are very easy to put together, the only thing you need aside from the kit is the actual Large Intuos4 (they have kits for other sizes as well). Just watch the vid of them assembling it, it's soooo easy even if you haven't done something like this before. Most importantly, it doesn't require any modification of your Intuos4 so your warranty is in tact.

If you don't have a large Intuos4, you can get them around $400, maybe less if you find a good used deal. If you also want the Ergotron mounting arm, it will all come up to around $900 for your DIY 15" Cintiq. Still cheaper than the tiny official 12" Cintiq! I am definitely doing this in a couple months and I'll let you know how it turns out, though I see no reason why it won't work perfectly.

Wacom's upcharge of thousands of dollars just to essentially slap an LCD screen on top of an Intuos and call it a Cintiq is ridiculous. No Cintiq should cost over $1000, but since they have no competition, that will probably never happen. So screw Wacom let's make our own lol. Seriously there's nothing special about a real Cintiq, it is essentially doing the same thing this kit is doing, so hook yourself up.

If you'd prefer a larger screen than 15", tabletmod is going to release a kit for the Extra Large Intuos4 soon. It will feature a 21" 1080p LED-lit screen. Nice! I will probably prefer 15" though since I don't draw with my whole arm. They haven't said a price for the XL kit yet, but I'm assuming alltogether it will come to around $1300 (if you don't already own the tablet). Still $700 under the official 21" Cintiq.

whenever I talk about this stuff I feel like I'm writing a paid ad lol, well hey if you do order the kit make them give me a free one
hey this isn't craigslist oops

well I wanna see if anyone wants this laptop cause it's really pretty decent I just have a better one now… this is the laptop I am selling!

I've had this laptop a few years. As you may know I just bought a new sweet laptop since this one's screen died. In the process though I ordered a new screen and decided to keep it! So now it has a brand new bright screen.

Things wrong with it:

- Headphone jack detection is broken so it always thinks there's headphones/speakers plugged in. So although the laptop speakers do work Windows will refuse to use them. Found a workaround on Ubuntu.
- Originally had two 2GB sticks of RAM but one went bad. New stick is only like $30 these days. If you've never installed RAM it's easy, just pop it in.
- Normal wear, light scratches, nothing major

Intel Core2 Duo Processor
2GB RAM (4GB max)
320GB hard drive 5400rpm, there is an empty second hard drive bay. Getting yourself a 7200rpm drive helps it a lot.
DVD RW drive w/lightscribe
GeForce 9700M GT, 512GB GDDR3

It currently has Ubuntu on it cause I was too lazy to install Windows. I can put Windows 7 on it if you want.

AS FOR PERFORMANCE I have played pretty modern games on it. TF2, Dead Space, Unreal Tournament, and Borderlands all play very well on high settings. The only game I have completely been unable to play is GTA4 but I hear that's because it was optimized terribly for PC lol. I have had trouble trying to play 1080p video (sometimes runs fine though I dunno vids are confusing), but never had issues with 720p. Runs Adobe programs great, 3dsMax great, Zbrush great (with reasonable subdivision levels). P.S. this is when it had 4GB RAM of course.

On the internet refurbished G50V's are selling for $500. Given the headphone jack issue and missing RAM I am expecting less than that of course! But don't forget the screen is brand new so you're not getting the usual dull screen of a refurbished laptop :cowboy: It is really bright. So just make a reasonable offer!

If you have any questions just ask!! Hopefully someone could use this cause I'm getting close to broke :pray:
REDLINE released on DVD/BD in Japan this week!! I have been waiting to see it for over a year and I finally got to see it, let me tell you that movie is wonderful. The animation, the action, the music, the character/tech designs. Extremely fun to watch and great to see a completely 2D movie done so well.

Here is a trailer:…

Full movie is on the internet and stuff but guys we gotta support this amazing movie so make sure you buy the localized DVD/BD!!!! Comes out in US/UK in November.

Seriously I am so happy the movie was really good but I am sad it seems like nobody else knows it exists!!!! Go watch it!!!!

P.S. my laptop is going kaput but I got a new one coming in on Monday. It is a powerhouse so you can expect a lot more streams! Even streams of 3D modeling although it is very boring to watch but I know some people want to??
I GUESS the idea is even if you're not friends you add each other anyways so here feel free to add me
I will be taking some commissions soon cause I gotta save up to move to wherever I get a job lol. I will not be taking more than 1 or 2 at a time to make sure nobody has to wait too long. I have one commission to finish before I take any, so I'll let you guys know! Hopefully less than a week!

I am drawing and stuff so you can look forward to that! I guess I could and probably should livestream, is good at taking my full attention for some reason

Hopefully I will be modeling soon too because uh oh yeah trying to get a job??? Still gotta get some character designs down
Okay let's have a happy journal! I graduate in 4 weeks! Hopefully I will have an awesome 3D character demo reel to show you at that point. Realistically it will probably be a WIP but I will make it look like it's not, lol. It sounds a little silly but I'm going to take a shot at getting a job at a game company in Japan. Since my girl friend is in Japan now, it isn't such a silly idea I think! So good luck to me. If I can't make it to Japan I hope to at least get a gig on the west coast here.

I will probably be livestreaming my 2D and 3D arts soon. It's time to get super motivated! I haven't been drawing daily when I am well aware that's the key to success. I will change that! Time to kick my art up to a new level yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm taking a break from Skullgirls so like 90% of my awake time can go into my portfolio LET'S DO IT… It's a very strong documentary on the college tuition bubble and how it's destroying many peoples' futures. Please watch it and pass it along to your friends.

The title is off-putting and the last 5 minutes are just promoting the creator's interests, but otherwise it's great info.

Also the site seems to be a scam. That is unfortunate but ignore any time their website comes up in the vid and like I said, great info lol.

I think college is a very important journey, but there's no reason we should suffer so much to attend. Colleges aren't some magical ticket into a successful future. America is the worst place in the world financially to attend college, and it's the government's fault for practically guaranteeing student loans to anyone.

Do yourself a favor and choose a non-profit college. Don't fall for scams that guarantee job placement and a wealthy future. Of course you can succeed if you attend a for-profit college, but it won't particularly increase your chances.…
well uuuuhhhhh I'm graduating in a couple months so I gotta model a bunch of stuff for my portfolio, and working on skullgirls and working on touhou kart racing game??? thank goodness I only have two classes :cowboy:

I got one commission to do then I'll be designing some more touhou shirts to sell online ONLY??? I won't make it to any cons any time soon. I dunno what characters I will do still, I want to make a cutesy shirt honestly but I know you guys are EMBARASSED to wear it but it's ok if only girls buy my shirts???? but anyways MAN UP, BOYS I wear a pink iosys shirt and everyone is like wow check out that guy he's so into ladies and I'm like shut up baby I know it


also I got into homestuck can you believe it I think it's pretty good…

sellin my copy on amazon, it's a pretty cute game but I wanted a game with wifi multiplayer and it doesn't have that! so if you want a copy that my sweaty hands have touched here's your chance
hello I got a 3ds it is pretty sweet, my friend code is 3995-6517-3345