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Drag strip

Bad girl
..sound good. I love it!

Drag strip/transformers animated
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she looks beautiful (and terribly mean) I love it.

I love what they did with the character in Transformers Animated. We could always use more females. <3 
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He looks like a chick
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TFA Drag Strip is written as a woman in botcon 2011 "The Stunti-Con Job". :D
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No joke, I was hoping Drag Strip in RID 2015 was going to be a bad girl! xD
kouno-B's avatar
Hehehe, I agree. ^^
ultraprime0914's avatar
I think it’s a bit Cheesy that Dragstrip is a Girl in Animated when Dragstrip is a boy in G1
kouno-B's avatar
That's one way of looking at it. :)
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Looking mighty sexyfine there Drag Strip~ :iconimsrspervplz::heart:
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Yeah mighty:shakefist:
I'm glad you like it!
Thank you very much~:D
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Drag strip? Now who is this interesting nasty femme?
:iconinterestingplz::iconawesomefaceplz::iconwhoaplz::iconevilplz::iconamazingplz::iconlaughterplz::iconiloveitplz::iconthumbsupplz: Nice!
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Decepticon Femm's, Both Hot and Deadly.
kouno-B's avatar
That's right!! :D
PrimusRulz's avatar
Now that's a femme fatale.
PrimusRulz's avatar
She is like if you take Arcee and add Beatrix from Kill Bill. :iconbadassplz:
kouno-B's avatar
lol! kill bill!!
PrimusRulz's avatar
Yeah, i hear Drag Strip is based of her. :)
kouno-B's avatar
Wow, I didn't know that! :wow:
It's interesting!!
Thank for telling me.
hmmm, really interesting.
PrimusRulz's avatar
You are welcome. :)
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Now we need Transformer names for Tarantino movies. Smelt Fiction, anyone?
Ojunix's avatar
I Love the added Abs on Her I think it really adds her more Deadly Attitude ;3
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