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Koun Calling

Welcome to Koun Calling!
Kouns are a Closed Species

Koun Calling is a group dedicated to a closed species created by Immonia
In this group you can view available adopts, see fan art and keep tabs on the newest info on all things Koun.

About Kouns

Have further questions? Ask them here. FAQ

Right now the group is in it's younger stages. I'm currently trying to get all the base information down and inviting all the users that currently own a Koun. Please be patient while I edit things.

Gallery Submission Rules
At the moment, all Koun art will go in the Koun folder. This may change as the folder builds up.

Feature - Only main info for now. This may change as the group picks up.
Ref Sheets - Self explanatory
Digital - All drawings of Kouns done on the computer.
Traditional - Hand drawn.
Information - All info about Kouns. Only I [Gray/Immonia] can submit there right now.
Adoptables - Adoptable sheets of all available Kouns. Only I [Gray/Immonia] can submit in this folder and sell and create Kouns.
Bryum - Fan Art of the group's mascot, Bryum.

Kouns are a closed species

Koun Adopts [Gallery Folder]…

Gallery Folders

Koun Template by Immonia
Koun Mating Season Template by Immonia
Koun Skeleton by Immonia
Koun Genders and Info by Immonia
Ref Sheets
Koun custom Soiea by Immonia
Cecil by SilveringOak
Trixter by SilveringOak
Koun Bixo ref by Jahpan
Tag by Viant-T
Super Jupiter- Halloween Activity by Robin-Funsize
Jupiter Ref picture 001 by Robin-Funsize
Multiple Kouns
Morning Itch by Viant-T
Alien Encounter by Viant-T
adversus by Policide
Red Moon by Immonia
Male Kouns
adversus by Policide
Koun Love by Jahpan
Inferno by Feretro
Bryum drawings by Immonia
Female Kouns
Morning Meal by Viant-T
Green Light by Immonia
Salt Drift by Viant-T
Breeding Sheets
Koun Genders and Info by Immonia
Koun Skeleton by Immonia
Adoptable Sheets
Koun Patch by Immonia
Koun Exchange Sheet [1 Removed] by Immonia
Koun Adopts 19 by Immonia
Koun Adopts 18 by Adopt-Monstar
Bryum Fanart
Forest Creature by Immonia

6/3/13 - Users who were holding unpaid Kouns have been cleared from the sheets. I still need to update the Koun Exchange Sheet but I'll probably work on that later since people may/may not buy up the now free Kouns. I lost internet this morning so I have a large build up of messages(Non-Koun Related) so please be patient with me while I sort through them.


6/1/13 - Regarding Koun adoption sheets. I'll be clearing all names from the sheet who have NOT paid for their Koun and currently have them on hold. I'm no longer taking holds since too many people hold adopts either forget they want them/have them on hold and/or forget to pay. It's not fair to people who want them who will actually pay and to me as I use the payment I get (The USD) to pay for minor living expenses(Gas) and college loans. So double check if you have one on hold and either pay or tell me to drop your hold. I'll be going through the sheets Monday the 3rd EST first thing in the morning. Thanks guys!


5/8/13 - New update guys! I know some of you are dying to find mates for your Kouns but are having a difficult time about it. Never fear! Gray has come up with a ingenious plan which will make this all go over smoother. In order to know who's available to pair, you'll be able to post breed requests in the Month of Breeding folder. Just draw your Koun and list it's status "looking" or "Breed anyone" or something along that lines. When you've found a partner, please remove the request from the group.
PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE remember to read the mating season information.


Since no one is abusing my species (That I know of) I'm going to have an open mating season. This may or may not change depending on the group's activity or until I decide otherwise. As long as you have the credits and you fill out the mating season form , I'm going to allow babies when ever. Just please remember to read the FAQ and the Mating Season information.


Have further questions? Ask them here. FAQ
Kouns are a Closed Species

About Kouns

Koun Adopts [Gallery Folder]…
More Journal Entries








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