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Cosplays for sale!  See here for more…

Halloween Rumi from Idolmaster: $350

Various lolita accessories: best offer

Hanekawa from Bakemonogatari: $20

Juiet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw (maid variant): $40

Honekoneko plush: $40

Monokuma Plush: $40

Just Be Friends Luka: $50

June/Akane from 999: $75 

Shinobu from Nisemonogatari: $45

London Alice from Alice Madness Returns: $70

Alice (blue dress) from Alice Madness Returns: $175

Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist: $45

Halloween Yukiko from Persona 4 Golden: $45

Megumi from Shiki: Red bodice version: $30 

Ib from Ib: $25

Ibuki Mioda from Dangan Ronpa 2: $40

Megumi from Shiki, yellow dress version: $40

Ruby from Rosario Vampire: $45

Halloween Sakura from Tsubasa: $150

Misa from Death Note: $35 

Yona from Akatsuki No Yona: $175

Shadow Yukiko from Persona 4: $120

Mary from Ib: $50

Haunted Draculaura from Monster High: $120

Rolling Girl Miku: $40

Aki from Misao: $45 

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I’m interested in making my own costume. I’m not sure which one, I was debating between one o the Disney Princesses casual wear in Ralph Breaks the Internet, Aqua from KH3 and Birth By Sleep or Kairi from KH3.

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Any interest in trading? If you don't, that's fine of course! Just thought I would ask.
koumori-no-hime's avatar
Unfortunately I don't do trades. Thanks for asking, though!
psto1464's avatar
Okay, thanks for letting me know :)