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Velcro Tutorial

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These tutorials are intended to be helpful advice to beginner cosplayers. I am by no means an expert at sewing.

Tutorial made by me. Do not reproduce.

More cosplay/ sewing tutorials can be found here: [link]
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This tutorial was perfect! I was able to make the closing to my bf's cosplay~ Awesome~!
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Thank you for sharing this too. I haven't tried sewing with velcro yet, and this tutorial has given me the ambition to try using it.
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Nice tutorial! Thanks for the information >W<

Actually I've been trying to attach a long cape to my costume (Sheryl Nome White Bunny version from Macross Frontier >> [link])

What I did is, at the back of the dress, I sew a long strip of velcro, same goes to the cape & wow, it sticks real well =D 'cause I can't think of other method to have the cape stay intact besides using velcro & safety pin (Which I don't like using 'cause it looks messy)

So the key to sticking cape with velcro is to distribute the weight well & often longer strips help =D
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Thank you. haha, it seems everyone has better luck with velcro than me :D
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Thank you!! Needed this for some belts I'm making
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You're welcome, good luck.
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Oh! If you use a big peice of velcro you can make a cape with it. ;)
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You've been able to get it to work?
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Yeah, the cape was made of a weave fabric, if you want I can give you a picture.
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