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Rigilene Boning Tutorial

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These tutorials are intended to be helpful advice to beginner cosplayers. I am by no means an expert at sewing.

Moka Akashiya/ Rosario Vampire belongs to its creators.

Tutorial made by me. Do not reproduce.

More sewing tutorials can be found here: [link]

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It's important to note one of the major downsides of Rigiline though: it bends and warps really easily. I did the Joanns prom contest a few years back, and had no choice but to use Rigiline in my strapless, corset-style dress, rather than the spiral steel I would have preferred. Not two hours into prom, it had warped from the stress and was digging into my kidneys, leaving me with two horrendous bruises by the end of the night. If all you want is a little shaping, it's usually okay. But you should never use it for real support of any kind.
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I like rigilene for supporting garments worn over corsets - such as a Victorian bodice that needs a little help, but is worn over a properly boned corset. I agree that rigilene is neither desirable nor particularly safe for supportive garments!
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I've never heard of this stuff before! It sounds really helpful, and you gave some good info on it! Thanks for sharing this, it will be really helpful for my upcoming cosplay! :)
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I'm glad. It really is a great product. When put in a dress it does help improve your posture, too.
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Thank you very much! This was very helpful!
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