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Pattern Sizing Tutorial

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This was a quickie so, unlike the others, it does not have an anime theme to it. This is just a short little tutorial on how to measure yourself when buying sewing patterns. -koumori

Tutorial made by me. Do not reproduce.

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All very helpful tips and things I wish I had known when starting to work with patterns (I of course know them now) ;P
The hip endearment is always a tricky one - I too measure the hips as you do - at the widest part of one's lower half, but sometimes the "hip" measurement is at the pants waistline - which I why I really wished patterns differentiated between upper hips (pants waistline) and lower hips (the bum region)
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OMG THANKYOU! All my friends can sew and i have never evan held a needle! So we made a bet to see if i can make a costume before the party! This was SO helpfull! thanyou so much!
koumori-no-hime's avatar
I'm happy to hear that! Good luck on your project!
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This is real simple and to the point, I like it a bunch! <3
koumori-no-hime's avatar
I'm happy to hear that!
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That's great :'3
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I like what a simple guide this is, but that waist measurement looks awfully high. I realize everyone's natural waist is in a slightly different place, but in my experience, it is usually closer to the belly button than it is to the bust. I know you say 'the narrowest part', but the image may be misleading or confusing for the beginners this tutorial targets.
koumori-no-hime's avatar
Yes, thank you. This tutorial is pretty old. When I re-write it I will try to make the drawings more anatomically correct. Thank for the input!
bluesapphire92's avatar
No problem! Would love to see the new one.
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this is great! i sent your page to my friend she is a beginner and i've been helping her, but this makes it so much easier since she can go back and now read what i have taught her!!! thanks for all your hard work!!!!!!!!
koumori-no-hime's avatar
Thank you for sharing my work!
InspireGirl's avatar
34-27-35...except I fit into size 5...WTF? Coolz. This is helpful...but makes me wanna get to my goal measurements faster (34-24-34)...Ahh, how weight loss can connect to anything!
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Pattern sizes, aka 'standard sizing' is very different to clothing store sizes. Your 'standard size' is usually 2-4 sizes larger than your 'dress size' in a regular clothing store. Clothing stores have, over time, shifted clothing sizes down a few notches to make customers feel better about their size, and therefore buy more clothes at that store.
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koumori-no-hime's avatar
Thank you, I am glad.
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we have almost the same measurements LOLs cept my bust is 2 inches wider

this is going to very helpful when i start teaching my firends to make cosplay with me
koumori-no-hime's avatar
I'm glad to hear that. Good luck teaching them! -koumori
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Heeheehee "include your tooshie!"

This is really helpful & informative. Especially double-checking the pattern to make sure it really contains the size you're looking for... I hate when some of them have the measurements on the back for things that are not inside!! Or hide "how to measure it THEIR way," etc.

Lol, it is still a sore point.
koumori-no-hime's avatar
Yeah, I was thinking about your coat fiasco when I wrote this. -k
casadrat06's avatar
Glad to be an inspiration. XD
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this really simplifys things from what myhome ec teacher said last year!
thank youu^^!!
koumori-no-hime's avatar
I'm glad, thank you! -koumori
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